Kenwood Blend-X Pro Blender

  • 2014

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Kenwood Ltd

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Kenwood Ltd

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Kenwood has a long history of expertise and innovation within the food preparation market. Following on from the success of the famous Chef, Kenwood has taken all their design and engineering experience and have developed a truly powerful, innovative blending machine to help the consumer achieve perfect results every time. The Blend-X Pro goes far beyond what you’d expect from an ordinary blender. It’s the most powerful and intelligent blender that Kenwood has created. Kenwood have combined 3 vital ingredients:blade configuration, motor power and intelligent programmes. Each component has an important part to play in the performance of Blend-X Pro.

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  • The arrangement of the blades really makes a difference to the Blend-X Pro blending and chopping performance. To create the MultiZoneā„¢ Blade Technology each blade has been carefully designed with red spacers to separate each layer ensuring more of the blades are in contact with more of the food, more of the time. The longer cutting edges also allow the blades to sweep through more of the ingredients providing more efficient blending and the best results every time. Each blade section has its own purpose, from chopping, to sweeping up the ingredients and assisting their movement around the goblet.

  • The Blend-X Pro motor is designed specifically to work in perfect harmony with this unique blade configuration. It is a Quattro pole motor, delivering 1400 watts with up to 30% more torque than equivalent-sized motors. The torque is a turning force which is needed to control functions such as ice crushing and chopping. It also has a built-in load sensor that prevents the product from overheating.

  • In addition to the flexibility of a variable speed control plus pulse function the Blend-X Pro has six pre-set programmes for the most popular tasks. Each programme has a unique blending pattern using a variety of revolutions per minute to deliver the ideal texture. The blender will also stop automatically when the program is complete. Drinks: for perfect drinks and smoothies; soups: for perfect thick and creamy soups; ice: for perfect crushed ice; fine chop: perfect for fine grinding nuts and coffee beans; coarse chop: perfect for coarse chunky dips; and rinse: perfect for quick cleaning.

  • Blend-X Pro uses Kenwood's Thermoresist glass goblet allowing the consumer to go from blending hot ingredients to ice cold ingredients without any fear of the glass cracking or shattering. It also means it can be used straight out of the dishwasher or cleaned with cold water after blending soups using the dedicated rinse button. This thermal shock resistant glass is made from borosilicate which uses a key ingredient called boron oxide which contributes to the thermal shock protection. Borosilicate is also used in oven glassware, light bulbs and laboratory equipment.

    Capacity: the goblet has a large 1.6 litre capacity with the ability to blend up to 1.2 litres of hot liquids (both capacities are clearly marked on the side). Ribs: four blending ribs to enhance chopping performance. Lid: the push fit lid ensures a secure seal and the filler cap is vented to allow steam to escape safety when blending hot ingredients. Stir Stick: a stir stick is also included to boost the blending of thick mixtures, smoothies, sorbets and ice creams.