Kenwood Blend-X Classic

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Kenwood KDO

Commissioned By:

Kenwood Ltd

Designed In:

Kenwood UK

The Kenwood Blend-X Classic is very much a blend in itself, the perfect combination of stylish design on the outside and leading edge technology underneath. With the Hi-tech glass, capable of withstanding temperatures from boiling hot to freezing cold without cracking, you can do it all in one jug with the powerful 800w motor. From smoothies and milkshakes, to sauces, purees and soups blended to the right textures. We’re certain you’ll enjoy having it in your kitchen for many more reasons than one.

The Kenwood Blend-X-Classic BLP615WH has been designed with power and capacity in mind with its unique blade configuration, newly developed motor and optimised jug design. Using leading edge Multi-Zoneâ„¢ blades, the Kenwood Blend-X-Classic delivers up to 25% better results when preparing smoothies, frozen desserts, sauces, purees and soups. It features a ThermoResistâ„¢ jug so that steaming hot soups or ice drinks can be prepared with ease.

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  • ThermoResistTM Glass Jug allows you to blend hot and ice cold ingredients without the glass cracking or shattering. Additionally, it avoids scratching and discolouration that can happen from ongoing use. This ensures clear visbility within the blender jug at all times. Further, the 4 rib design within the jug increase chopping performance by guiding the food back into the path of the blades. The nicely soft curved designed pouring spout, allowes mixtures to be poured with ease and little mess. The push fit lid ensures a secure seal and the filler cap is vented to allow steam to escape safety when blending hot ingredients.

  • The Multi-layer blades technology available on the BLP615WH offers excellent blending performance. In order to blend, chop and puree with ease we have incorporated Kenwood's MultiZone style blade technology. The Blend-X Classic blades work on two separate levels, separated by a spacer to increase the cutting zone. This ensures all of the ingredients are blended to perfection in minimal time.

  • The variable speed control allows you to blendingredients to the texture you want. On some models at the touch of a button you can create drinks, crush ice and even rinse using the 3 pre-set programmes. Each programme has a unique blending pattern that will stop automatically when the programme is complete giving meticulous results.

  • The Mult-Mill is ideal for smaller quantities of food and for chopping herbs, bread crumbs, dressings and baby food. The Grinding Mill has been produced for grinding down spices and coffee beans. The blades are different to that of the blender and have flat, horizontal blades, perfect for grinding. The metal lining protects from staining and stops any flavour contamination between each use.