KangaTech KT360

  • 2020

  • Engineering

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KangaTech Pty Ltd

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The KangaTech KT360 is an athlete testing and training platform, developed to revolutionise how elite sporting organisations understand injury risk and guide appropriate interventions. Sport specific athlete profiling is made possible through the KT360’s advanced software analytics and adaptable dynamometry system which accurately measures isolated neuromuscular strength, endurance and control.

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  • Driven by KangaTech’s vision and science-based approach to sports medicine and athlete performance, the following design challenge was established - (1) Develop a comprehensive athlete Testing and Training Platform that allows sport specific athlete profiling to understand injury risk and guide prescription of appropriate interventions. (2) Create an “All-in-One” device to cover a comprehensive range of testing and training protocols (3) Accurately and reliably measure isolated neuromuscular strength. (4) Develop software analytics to collect, visualise and analyse athlete’s data, allowing informed decision making and actionable insights. (5) Deliver a platform suitable for testing and training a diverse range of athletes.

  • The KT360 consists of an easy to use, highly adaptable, fixed frame dynamometry system that allows fast, accurate and reliable measurement of isolated neuromuscular strength, endurance and control. 35+ isometric and eccentric testing and training protocols across the whole body have been validated and developed for use on the KT360. Advanced software analytics allow sport specific athlete profiling to understand injury risk and guide prescription of appropriate interventions. The software is capable of monitoring athlete performance over time, generating individual athlete reports, team reports and providing automated alerts to clinicians when an athlete requires further evaluation.

  • The KT360 keeps elite athletes performing at their peak. By (1) Preventing injury through advanced performance monitoring and targeted training; (2) Reducing risk of re-injury during rehabilitation. The KT360 is easily adapted to perform many tests, replacing the need for multiple systems. This, along with its build quality, has made the KT360 the go-to platform amongst an increasingly loyal customer base. Launched to global markets in 2019, the KT360 immediately delivered a commercial impact by securing new contracts across the globe. KT360 is now used in elite sporting organisations including – AFL, EPL (UK), MLB (USA), NBA (USA) and more.

  • Through its world class software, the KT360 provides access to an extensive database of athlete profiles. Athlete profiling is important as it provides objective baseline data to assist return to play decisions, progression of training loads and assessments of athlete musculoskeletal health. Knowing whether neuromuscular strength, endurance and control have returned to baseline, are symmetrical, and are adequate for the demands of a sport can guide management decisions and improve outcomes significantly. Wireless connectivity allows communication and data transfer, including automated cloud uploading and instantaneous reporting. Users have access to real-time results, and key information through an intuitive touch screen tablet interface, featuring the KT360’s proprietary GUI. The advanced dynamometry system developed for the KT360 offers highly accurate force measurement. Seven independent push-pull dynamometers are integrated within the main sensor housing. Two of these dynamometers are fixed to pivoting mounts, allowing optimum force transfer and athlete comfort during use. The main sensor housing, which encloses all electronic components, is removably fixed to the supporting base and frame. The KT360 can be broken down into 3 packages for transport, to suit international air freight requirements and allow portable setup when required.