K2 Kiosk

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Coates Group

Commissioned By:

Coates Group

Designed In:


The Coates K2 self-order kiosk has redefined the industry benchmark in its form, function, and flexibility, delivering efficiency and customisation with style. The minimal form factor and design aesthetic allow the kiosk to integrate seamlessly into different environments, providing the foundation for truly immersive customer experience.

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  • Traditionally, digital kiosks in the self-service industry are designed to serve their technical functions, with little focus on form. Coates has challenged this thinking by creating a kiosk that pushes the boundaries of material and design aesthetic while retaining the functionality and flexibility required to fit seamlessly into contemporary décor palettes in modern retail and hospitality environments.

  • The Coates K2 has redefined the self-order kiosk. Focusing on what's visually important and concealing what's not, the K2 simplifies the user experience so that ordering and payments are easy to navigate. The responsive 24” glass touch screen display promotes products and services and guides users through the ordering process and is powered by a concealed plug, play, and print-ready smart core. The angled recess below has been ergonomically designed to provide customer privacy while making a payment. Both functions are beautifully encapsulated in a premium anodized forged aluminum shell.

  • The minimalistic design offers a sense of elegance and refinement the once conspicuous features, such as the receipt printer and barcode scanner, intentionally hidden from view - providing visual clarity to the overall design that is clean and inviting. The K2 simplifies the customer journey so that users are less apprehensive and intimidated by new technology, focusing on what's important and concealing what is not.

  • The Coates K2 reflects an enhanced level of functionality and flexibility when compared to existing units in the market, but also pushes the boundaries of design and innovation. The material choice, size, and design aesthetic allow its seamless integration into contemporary décor palettes within modern retail and hospitality environments. The design and conception of the kiosk focused on implementing features to facilitate an elevated yet simplified user experience.