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  • 2023

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Juniper gives women living with obesity a medical pathway to weight loss. Our program combines clinically proven medication with expert support and a companion mobile app. In this app, patients have access to a new level of comprehensive healthcare – where they can track progress, learn from content, and access support.

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  • Historically, people living with obesity have experienced a fragmented weight loss journey, split between GP visits, diet programs and countless fitness apps. At Juniper, our user experience felt similar being split across several digital touch points (browser, email and Slack). So, we wanted to create a mobile app where patients could access comprehensive care from a single place. Without an app, Juniper’s impact was limited. Our doctors, nurses and dietitians only saw significant results when giving advice via phone calls and email - but this was not scalable. A mobile app would reach patients on a wider, more accessible level.

  • Our ambitious goal of delivering the app in one quarter meant we needed to know what would have the highest impact from day one. A patient-first approach helped understand this, as decisions were informed by both patient needs – determined by our clinical and product team, and patient wants – defined by real patients in user interviews and Facebook community posts. The result champions video-first educational content about medication and nutrition, and also intuitive progress tracking tools. The user experience takes into account the busy lives of Juniper patients, and encourages meaningful engagement that only takes a few minutes per day.

  • Obesity is recognised as a chronic health condition, however people living with obesity are still underserved by traditional healthcare models and weight loss providers. Juniper aims to elevate the experiences of obesity patients by providing continuous, high-quality care via our program and companion app. Our patients have been asking for a mobile app since day one and we’re excited to deliver it alongside proactive outreach, richer experiences and better weight loss results. By making medical information more accessible, elevating the voices of health professionals, and facilitating personalised care, we believe we’re setting the standard for healthcare apps in the future.

  • Learn – A video library populated with 40+ original videos. These videos cover topics from medication management to healthy eating, featuring Juniper doctors, nurses and dietitians. Progress tracking – Manual and Bluetooth enabled weight tracking and waist tracking that populates an easy to interpret graph. Tracking allows Juniper patients to stay motivated and accountable, while Juniper’s clinical team are able to oversee patient progress. Bluetooth scale integration – Patients are given a Juniper Digital Scale when they receive their first delivery of medication. The app provides a step-by-step guide to set up and pair the scale. Access to personalised support – Fortnightly quizzes are sent to patients, checking in on their experience. Based on their responses, a patient may receive proactive support from a nurse or health coach.