Jumpflex Hero Trampoline

  • 2023

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Jumpflex Ltd

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New Zealand

Jumpflex Hero trampolines are a brand new range of trampolines, designed to answer critical business issues facing Jumpflex, through innovative design.

These issues include developing a differentiated premium aesthetic to stand-out in-market, reducing logistics costs and increasing ease of assembly – all within the confines of a traditional spring based trampoline.

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Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
Image: Jamie Wright
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  • The trampoline industry is full of inefficiency and waste, both in the physical design and business/service model. We identified the key inefficiencies and constraints that would inform the main requirements of the new product as: - Achieving a sub 30-minute assembly time, thereby reducing frustrating time-consuming user experiences (especially for solo parents or caregivers) - Designing a lasting product for disassembly so parts can be individually replaced or separated for recycling post-life cycle - Ensuring the product would fit within a 1m3 pallet to mitigate freight and last-mile shipping charges for Jumpflex and the customer respectively

  • The key development in the Hero design was the realization of our “Fusion Technology” ™ trampoline frame construction. This T-Joint button clip snap-together system allows the trampoline frame to be clipped together like Lego and reduces assembly time down to twenty minutes. The system removes the need for unreliable welds or fixings, meaning individual parts can be disassembled and replaced, instead of wasting the entire product. Breaking the assembly up into smaller sections allows the product to pack efficiently and easily fit within a standard 1m3 shipping pallet and avoid excess freight and last mile charges.

  • With the ‘Hero’ trampoline, Jumpflex will lead innovation in traditional spring-based trampolines, with increased revenue, lower costs, greater defendability against imitation and improved sustainability through: -A new, distinctive premium design aesthetic -Lower distribution costs achieved through product design that breaks down into component parts that fit into courier sized boxes (versus overweight items) -Patented weld free, bolt free technology - which makes assembly sub 30 minutes versus two hours plus. This is also better for the environment (zero weld). -Championing quality products in an industry dominated by low quality products that become waste within 24 months - reinforced with market leading warranties.

  • Traditional coil extension springs are the gold standard in bounce technology for trampolines, and are still used at the highest level in Olympic equipment. Other ‘no coil spring’ trampoline products use alternative materials that degrade over time and lose power, creating diminishing returns as a functioning trampoline with ultimately less fun. 'Hero' takes Jumpflex’s proven extension springs and provides a superior bounce in an enclosure that alleviates all safety concerns. Our “Safeseal Technology” 360 Degree net enclosure clips to the jump mat all around the trampoline, ensuring no possibility for kids to fall out once the trampoline door is zipped shut. Our soft touch safety nets are woven with Endless Weave Technology ™ , using 100% high strength polyester and an active UV protection additive. The safety nets maintain a Grade 6 Intertek UV Testing standard and are 250% more durable than standard nets. With the unique Jumpflex silhouette, the safety net poles curve away from the trampoline to totally eliminate the risk of dangerous pole contact through the safety net. The weld free, bolt free assembly of the Hero includes a double ringed design, creating a robust structure that minimizes the risk of breakages and boasts a 550lb weight rating.