July Carry On

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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We read over 4000 reviews of existing luggage brands and came up with a better approach. The July Carry On was born to create better moments while travelling and getting more out of all future journeys.

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  • The travel accessories industry is broken; make it as cheap as possible, use a plethora of wholesalers and distributors to sell, and ignore all connection with the customer. Additionally, there is a choice paradox in luggage; flooded with choice, colours and superfluous features, there is no clear direction for consumers to buy confidently. The challenge was to design a brand that people can trust through generous trial and warranty options, design a product that solves existing issues with polycarbonate luggage, and design a better approach to how customers interact with buying travel accessories.

  • We read +4000 reviews of existing cases and fixed what was wrong; stronger reinforcement of corners and bends, wheels that glide and better business model around trials and warranty. Meet July Luggage. More enjoyable moments during busy travel periods. - Light aerospace-grade German Polycarbonate casing protected by anodised aluminium bumpers. - Whisper-quiet SilentMove wheels - Soft-touch handles, multi-height handle with +20 different comfort heights. - Interior Y-Strap compression system - An ejectable USB-C power bank that charges multiple devices simultaneously. - Hidden laundry bag (smell and water-resistant) - Our direct-to-consumer model means better quality and more features at the best price in the market.

  • Social and Environmental Impact: Creating higher-quality longer-lasting products at a fraction of the traditional price points thanks to our direct-to-consumer model means we are giving people of all economic situations the opportunity to own luggage that lasts a lifetime and stops the cycle of low quality travel accessories. Commercial Impact: Our direct to consumer model means a stronger, better product, with more features, that genuinely solves real human travel problems (durability, comfort, access to power). With a better profit margin and affordable prices for consumers.

  • - Unique eggshell shape designed to create more bounce back on hard knocks - Cleverly hidden ejectable battery that charges your phone and your laptop (Australian IP registered) - Designed and produced our own double wheel system, called SilentMove, they reduce the weight of traditional ball bearing wheels - Multi-stop telescopic handle that has over 20 heights (not the usual 3) - July Y-Strap interior clothing compression system - stronger and better compression with one hand - Hidden integrated laundry bag that is water and smell-resistant - 1200 thread count interior nylon lining for stain-resistant interior that lasts a lifetime