Jays a-JAYS Five Headphones

  • 2014

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • JAYS

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Award winning sound, sleek shape and flat tangle-free cords have always been features of the a-JAYS headphone range. When developing the a-JAYS Five Headphones, the company wanted to set a new standard for in-ear headphones. Something long-lasting that would be the most durable they have made so far. Designed and engineered to match your iOS, Windows or Android device, a-JAYS Five are the only specifically designed, multi-platform headphones, with a fully-functional three-button remote on the market.

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  • a-JAYS Five come in three different full-feature models for your iOS, Windows or Android phone. The three-button remotes are each designed to match your smartphone and support all features such as answer/end calls, play/pause music and videos, skip songs, change volume, and voice control etc. By selecting the model made for your phone's operating system an abundance of features can be tailored for the user and their device.

  • Covering precision turned aluminium with a flexible thermoplastic form made it possible to manufacture durable yet soft and flexible earphones with great acoustic properties in an extremely compact format.

  • The angled form factor makes a-JAYS Five headphones fit comfortably inside the ear canal. The soft outer body makes them flexible so they follow the movements of the wearer and prevent cable stress on their ears.

  • Whatever genre of music is played, the listener is provided with an authentic audio experience, exactly as the artist intended.

    The high performance MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology microphone consists of an acoustic sensor, a low noise input buffer, and an output amplifier. The built-in echo cancellation makes the audio perfect in nearly all situations. It reduces surrounding noise and does not degrade over time as it recharges the mic-magnets each time the earphones are connected to the phone.