Jauregui Nursery Collection

  • 2014

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • German Jauregui

Commissioned By:

German Jauregui

Designed In:


Jauregui Nursery Collection is the result of my own experience as a father and as Industrial Designer. More than just pieces of furniture, this collection is a fresh expression of what modern parents need for their kids. The collection combines functionality and aesthetics on a well technically resolve product. A bassinet, cot convertible in junior bed, table changer, bookcase, table and stool, wooden horse are the pieces of the collection. The cot convertible in toddler bed is the main piece of the collection.

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  • Easily convertible in to a Toddler bed by removing the high head panels and sides for low head panels. Two level positions of the mattress for baby and toddler stages.

  • The product has been technically resolve according the Australian standard AS/NZS 2172:2003 which provides a highest standard for use and safety.

  • All the pieces of the collections are made with fine veneers as walnut and white oak. pressing by radio frequency on high pressure molds and then cutting with five-axis machines with high precision.