Intelect Neo

  • 2014

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Design + Industry Pty Limited

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Australia, United States

Intelect Neo is the new standard in electrotherapy rehabilitation. Its intelligent design (the result of over 100,000 hours of intensive R&D) is effortlessly clever in its features, usability and technology. Every element of the Intelect Neo has been expertly crafted, empowering the therapist to provide clients with an unsurpassed level of rehabilitation. The Intelect Neo’s innovative, technologically advanced design features a rich, full-colour, touch screen. The integrated Clinical Protocol Setup™ (CPS) leads therapists through an enhanced and user-friendly Graphic User Interface which guides criteria relating to diagnosis, management, and treatment plans.

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  • To help the therapist establish an appropriate treatment protocol for their client, the on-screen Clinical Protocol Setup (CPS) leads them through the functions of the device and each therapy, drawing on a comprehensive reference library with extensive information on evidence-based approaches. This complements and enhances the therapist's professional expertise and optimises patient outcomes.

  • The unique modular design offers complete flexibility to configure and upgrade the unit to meet the individual requirements of the therapist, at a fraction of the cost of the individual modalities. With five slide-in, plug-and-play module options including electromyography, electrotherapy, laser, ultrasound, and vacuum, each unit can be assembled for specific clinical needs and budget.

  • Intelect Neo seamlessly guides both experienced and new operators through comprehensive menus and treatment parameters with intuitive software and clear, concise instructions. The 10.4" (26.4cm) LCD touch screen makes it easy to navigate a full spectrum of treatments, reference sites, patient history and more, all with the touch of a finger. Commands, data and imagery are displayed in sharp, vivid detail, including a superb anatomical library of classic images and lifelike pathology renderings for patient education.

  • Every detail is a result of carefully considered design and the culmination of five years of extensive research, development and testing. The end result is a pioneering product that gives clinicians the confidence to achieve optimal outcomes and ensure their patients experience a high level of comfort during therapy.

    A completely modular setup allows clinicians to choose among the components that best fit their practice: an ergonomic head unit, cart and five modules. The high-quality cart is stable, height-adjustable, moves with ease, and includes three roomy storage drawers with sturdy pull tracks.