InfaSecure Achieve Premium Car Seat

  • 2018

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Achieve Premium is a child car seat that caters for children from birth to eight years old. It features never-before seen communication labeling on a child restraint in Australia. Premium bamboo charcoal covers, unprecedented levels of padding and comfort, incredible craftsmanship and consumer-first labeling and after-sales experiences are also included.

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  • We sought to address the issues of misuse and misunderstanding of child car seats in Australia, as well as offer an industry leading after sales experience that continues to educate and inform parents and carers after the purchase of the product. It is estimated that up to 90% of child car seats are misused or installed incorrectly in Australia, and Achieve Premium is the first real attempt at addressing this at the point of sale and beyond.

  • We developed a beautiful, practical and functional car seat which offers best practice safety in both rearward facing (young children) and forward facing modes (older children). We then created new forms of labelling, designed to communicate the suitability of the restraint and compliment the Australian Standard mandated warning labels in a way that was easy to understand for parents and carers. Achieve is the only car seat in Australia that provides the indended use age bracket on the product itself. It was important to wrap this best practice safety in a beautiful product to cut through to less educated parents.

  • We anticipate a social impact as a result of the new forms of communication labelling on the product. In addition to the useage labelling, Achieve also features an *'In Case of Emergency'* label, which parents can fill in. It's intent is to inform emergency services of the childs medical needs and requirements if the driver is incapacitated. In partnership with the new labelling, our after sales educational program is designed to arm this generation of parents and carers with the knowledge needed to reduce child motor vehicle fatalities and injuries.

  • * Extended Rearward Facing to Large 30 Month Old (Best Practice Safety) * Extended Forward Facing with Harness to Large 8 Year Old (Best Practice Safety) * Ultra Compact Width * Secur-air Triple Layer Crash Protection (Reduces crash forces to lower than 5 times the Australian Standard Requirements) * Active Bamboo™ – high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric * Twist & Lift One-Handed Headrest & Harness Adjustment (Reduces the incidence of misuse) * Press-Stud attached cover can remove without uninstalling the car seat from the vehicle (lowering the incidence of installation errors) * New design shoulder pads (designed to expose more should strap webbing on the front of the seat, allowing visual confirmation of a good harness fit, avoiding misuse) * Twist Resistant shoulder straps (avoids misuse) * Adjustable Crotch Buckle (allowing a better fitment of the harness) * Modular infant insert can be removed in stages (allowing for a better fitment of the child as they grow) * 9 Recline Positions