IN chair

  • 2015

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The lack of physical activity is probably one of the biggest challenges in workplace health and wellbeing today. This challenge has been the motivation for Wilkhahn to develop the dynamic IN chair. The IN chair has been designed to be the newest, healthiest, most comfortable and smartest task chair in the world. Trimension® 360 degree movement, Hytrel® lumbar adjustment and 3D knitted upholstery make the IN chair state of the art.
Wilkhahn leads in ergonomic technology and believe in the power of our well
designed products. It’s this perfect mix of technology and design that results in
a hard-wearing, dynamic and stylish office chair.

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  • After years of exhaustive research and development, Wilkhahn came up with a patented world first called Trimension®. Trimension® follows the body in perfect synchronisation and keeps the centre of gravity whatever the posture. The unitary seat and backrest system is made of a 2 component technology. Highly elastic and flexible high-performance polyamide and is covered in Tricot knitted fabric used also in the latest technical sportswear. This features different levels of elasticity to create areas of support and flexibility. The lumbar support is made of the highly flexible and long lasting Hytrel® which ensures the chair adapts to user movement whilst maintaining a firm support.

  • As a specialist for dynamic seating, Wilkhahn have created a chair which stimulates and supports the natural three-dimensional movements of our hips. This is achieved through a world first patented Trimension® mechanism, setting a new standard for ergonomic seating. By combining the 3D synchronous adjustment technology with a highly elastic back and seat system, the chair automatically adapts to any movement and seated posture the person adopts. As a result, the body is always supported, whatever the posture, and its equilibrium remains in perfect balance. Scientific case studies have shown that using a chair with Trimension® fosters the productivity and feeling of well-being in people.

  • All materials for every separate component of the chair has been carefully selected to provide first-class performance in terms of form, function and durability. Premium quality is paramount to the longevity of the product, and a longer lifespan of the IN chair reduces impact on the environment. The IN chair has been thoroughly and rigorously tested in house before release to market. Furthermore it is in the process of being tested to the BIFMA and AFRDI -Blue Tick Level 6 standards.

  • The IN chair is a result of further development and adaption of our high-end ON chair to serve the upper mid-range price segment. The chair enriches the Wilkhahn product offering by displaying the innovation and high level of quality that Wilkhahn is famous for, and at a price which is affordable to a larger range of organisations. We would like to offer everyone the chance to experience 3D seating experience -to increase activation of muscles, concentration and relaxation.

    The IN chair has been designed with an 'athletic aesthetic' which naturally evokes a connection between movement and the product. This aesthetic is consistent with the dynamic and ergonomic function of the product. The product appears modern with clean, fluid lines and most importantly the form retains a timelessness to suit Wilkhahns attitude of creating products to last.