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Your dog’s health is about more than food. It’s about the nutrients they absorb, the energy they burn, their rest and their sleep. Evidence shows that dogs at a healthy weight, or those whose portions are calorie-controlled, live longer – and that’s what we want. Ilume™ is all about improving your dog’s health and wellbeing; smart technologies paired with nutrient rich meals help you to provide the best life for your dog based on their activity and needs.

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  • Human’s love their dogs, though our modern life is demanding, and our dog’s only have so many ways to tell us how they are going and what they really need. What’s right for an older Chihuahua is very different to the needs of a young Great Dane. It’s difficult to discern the right diet, right portions, and right activity requirements to ensure the best life for our furry friends. The challenge was to develop a range of smart connected products that would form the basis of the Ilume™ complete dog health and wellbeing offering. The system needed to discern the differences between the needs of all breeds across all stages of life, whilst at the same time not add any complexity to providing care. The tech suite would need to track fitness and activity, sleep patterns + eating habits and provide this in a glance to understand App that would help owners to interact more with their dog, with the aim to increase their quality and length of life.

  • Ilume™ has developed a menu of unique research-based nutrient rich meals; a quick quiz enables owners to discover the optimum diet for their furry friend and order meals to be delivered direct-to-home. Personalised meals paired with the Ilume™ App, Smart Tracker + Bowl help owners to track fitness and activities, sleep, and eating habits to reveal personalised plans to optimise their dogs lifestyle for a longer + healthier life. The ilume™ Activity Tracker is a small device that fits snugly onto your dog's collar. The Activity Tracker contains a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks accurate movements and informs the ilume personalised nutrition program (PNP). The tracker is small in footprint and can be fitted to almost any collar, a snap attach mechanism ensures the tracker can’t be lost (in the park, or consumed!). The ilume™ Electronic Smart Bowl when connected with the Activity Tracker monitors your dog's activity and seamlessly updates your personalised nutrition program (PNP).The smart bowl is constructed of easy wipe-clean materials, and features a removable stainless steel bowl for easy-of-washing. The bowl features a radial backlit indicator to indicate the ideal portion without the need to show numerical weights, once the indicator is fully illuminated and glowing white - the perfect portion has been served; if it glows red - it’s time to remove the unnecessary extra serving. The ilume™ Hub is home to proprietary algorithms that decipher the collected data. The Hub is connected via Wi-Fi and ‘feeds’ the ilume™ App with unique insights about our furry friends collected from the Tracker + Bowl. The Hub provides Tracker + Bowl charging. The Tech suite can be utilised independent of an Ilume PNP, working with all types of dog food options, helping to improve the health + quality of all dogs.

  • The ilume™ Dog Health and Wellbeing program combines direct-to-door nutrient rich personalised meals (prepared in the Melbourne Kitchen, not manufactured in a facility), a range of smart connected tech accessories (Tracker, Bowl + Hub), and the ilume™ App. The ilume™ PNP is a 6-week program designed to perfectly optimise meal portions (morning & evening) to your dog's unique daily, weekly & monthly requirements. The first few weeks of data are used to optimise breakfasts & dinners and to validate patterns of their day, including minutes of play, physical exercise, rest & sleep. The data will also help to develop a predictive model for their day today. In subsequent months & years the activity tracker plays a monitoring role to keep calorific intake appropriate for their longer-term physiological needs, promoting healthy ageing. Together these help owners to increase their interactions with and optimise the diet, frequency, portions + activities enjoyed by their dog to promote an overall improvement in quality of and length of life.

  • ilume™ tracks these behaviours: + Fitness and activity – Ensure they're getting enough exercise based on their breed, weight, and age. + Sleeping – Disrupted sleep may indicate an underlying health issue. + Eating habits – Changes may be linked to oral health issues, metabolic disorders and more. Smart Technology Suit - Technical specifications: + Sensors – 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope (tracker). + Battery – Up to 21 days battery life (tracker) 40 days (bowl). + Waterproof – PX8-rated waterproofing for continuous immersion in up to 6 feet of water. + Activity Tracking – 24 hour activity tracking with steps, active minutes, calories burnt. + Activity goal setting for distance, calories burned, and more. + Sleep tracking – Yes. + GPS – No. + Fluorescent light – Yes. + Materials – Silicon & ABS Plastic. + Warranty – 12 month replacement warranty. + Bluetooth connection to a mobile device is required. + The ilume™ app is supported on iPhone iOS 14.0 or later, and Android v8.0 or later. The ilume™ app helps you: + ilume is a whole new dining experience that measures your dog’s unique activity and personalises breakfast and dinner just for them. + See daily steps, distance, plus their most active times of day. Learn more about inactive moments, and find out whether their mood changes depending on their activity levels. + Compare sleeping patterns and discover how your dog's sleep quality is impacted by different factors. + With vet-approved advice and chat bot assistance, the lines of communication are always open. iOS: Android: