Illy Strate

  • 2014

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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  • Illy Strate

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Illy Strate

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Illy Strate is a flat moving fashion figure who can be placed in countless poses on a page and traced around, leaving a silhouette ready for designing on. This moving template allows for fast and perfectly portioned sketches fit for branding or the production part of fashion design. The Illy Strate tool is made from recyclable poly carbonate plastic. Globally, there are no other tools of this kind on the market.

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  • After more than 10 years working alongside fashion designers and interviewing them for these positions, it was clear that even the most creative people sometimes struggled with the illustration and sketching side of design. Illy Strate makes it easy for designers, experienced or not to express their creations on an uniquely posed figure and develop their signature illustration style. Being a front facing figure, Illy Strate is equally effective as a temple for technical garment sketches ready for production.

  • Unlike her three-dimensional wooden mannequin peer, Illy Strate is the only flat moving figure that can be placed on a page to be physically traced. In an industry where efficiency and accuracy are key, Illy Strate makes it possible for designers to create quick and perfectly proportioned illustrations and sketches for branding, styling and production purposes. While Illy is easy to rely on, for less experiences illustrators the action of repeatedly tracing the form promotes a muscle memory conducive to learning.

  • The Illy Strate form is an interpretation of the nine heads theory of fashion illustration, taught in all fashion tertiary institutions. She was design to complement these curriculums. Illy Strate fits comfortably on an A3 page. The Illy Strate form is a registered design.

  • Each Illy Strate body part can be detached allowing even further flexibility in posing possibilities. Her roving joints click easily back into place.

    Some would argue digital is always best but this is not always true when it comes to communicating millimeter perfect fashion ideas to a pattern technician. Using Illy Strate opens up discussion between designer and pattern technician, taking the room for incorrect interpretations out of the equation.