IKON by Vortex Spas

  • 2019

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Vortex Spas

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Inspired by luxury marine and modern architecture, Vortex Spas’ IKON spa is a re-invention of the traditional, plastic, square spa design. Disrupting the spa industry globally, Ikon’s aesthetic appeal, unparalleled quality and superior relaxation transforms the spa into a sculptural centre-piece for an entirely new audience.

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  • A Vortex Spas’ survey of 700 Australian households in 2015 found that a lack of visual appeal was a key factor preventing people from buying a spa. Discussions with the architectural community confirmed this view, noting that in house designs, spas were hidden around the back, screened off or buried in a deck. The challenge was to create a spa that was refined and beautiful, yet retained all the functionality and practicality of a conventional spa. The design brief was simple: Design a spa that architects would feature rather than hide.

  • Intent on re-designing the traditional spa from the ground-up, Vortex Spas engaged award-winning architect Jorgen Andersen and international product designer Alain Brideson to collaborate on the prototype. The initial concept focussed on a faceted, sculptural form to move away from the traditional heavy box shape. The resulting tapered irregular polygon shape of the IKON spa has a reduced mass, so it sits lightly on the landscape as a centre-piece rather than hidden within it. Meticulous engineering has enabled spa equipment to fit snugly within the IKON’s angular steel frame – with spa industry insiders asking: ‘how did you do it?’.

  • IKON is the “concept car” of the spa industry – pushing the boundaries of possibility. IKON’s market disruption has significantly heightened Vortex Spas’ brand awareness. Previously unknown dealers, who have seen or heard about IKON, are ordering Vortex Spas’ full spa range, considerably expanding market reach. New audiences are now experiencing the provable health benefits of spas. Unlike conventional mid-range spas with an approximate 10 -12 year lifespan, IKON spas have a 50-year lifespan, significantly reducing landfill waste. Vortex Spas has a new spa range in development, which is strongly influenced by the lessons learned with IKON.

  • IKON’s jets, lighting, water temperature and setup are fully adjustable remotely by mobile phone or by using a built-in touchscreen interface. The Vortex app lets users control spa mood with settings including therapeutic, relaxation or party mode. IKON has gently contoured landscape seating to allow users to move around and sit naturally in multiple positions rather than being restricted to just one seated position. IKON has the same maintenance-free Flexiteek deck used on super yachts, with space to sit or lie down, and room to put food, drinks, phones and towels. No longer an after-thought, removable floating stairs have been integrated into the main design, projecting from the spa cabinet and featuring a slip proof Flexiteek surface that complements the deck. Available in two colours, carbon and cloud, IKON’s architectural cabinetry is made from aluminium composite cladding, with even, screwless surfaces and contemporary negative detailing. IKON comes with a snugly fitted, folding hardcover, made of high-density insulating foam and premium marine grade Sunbrella® fabric wrap used on luxury outdoor furniture on super yachts. Other features include: superior Aristech acrylic finish, Thermobond oven cured shell, steel frame construction, high impact moulded ABS base, and duraflex ‘no kink’ PVC plumbing.