iKEON i-SERIES Smart Power Outlets and Light Switches

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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The iKEON range of smart power outlets and light switches represents a significant advance in the functionality available to home and office users. These devices are packed with technology — from sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity and power consumption through to Siri voice control and Apple HomeKit compatibility.

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  • iKEON wanted to create a range of smart power outlets and switches with features not currently offered in a single device. While there are switches on the market with illumination, or Siri integration, there was no single solution that offered consumers all the benefits of current smart-home and sensor technology. Installing light switches and power outlets in a home or office is a significant undertaking, so iKEON's brief required a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution that required no add-ons or external controllers and that would provide a complete suit of safety, accessibility and customisation features.

  • Enclosures are constructed from scratch resistant and fireproof plastic, with a unique combination of gloss finish on the sides and matte on the fascia. Despite the confined space, we were able to engineer the electronics and sensors to fit inside the enclosure — a world-first for a consumer power outlet or light switch. Sensors monitor temperature, humidity and power consumption. Siri voice control with Apple HomeKit support is integrated in every device in the range, with no external controller required. We also added safety and accessibility features - a safety lock, LED illumination, a proximity sensor and even a 'Night Light' mode.

  • The smart features built-in to the iKEON range offer users significant benefits. The built-in temperature and humidity sensors could be used to add smart features to older, 'dumber' appliances, while the power consumption monitor enables users to identify which appliances are consuming the most power, a valuable feature at a time when power prices are on the rise. Built-in smart safety features reduce the risk of electrocution (particularly for children), while also ensuring that vital equipment can't be switched off (or on) accidentally. LED illumination and voice-activation further enhance the safety and accessibility focus of the range.

  • - A complete range of light switches, power outlets and power boards are being offered. - Manufactured using scratch-resistant and fireproof plastic. - Touch sensitive On/Off switch. - Built-in temperature and humidity sensors. - Built-in power consumption monitor. - Siri voice control - Apple HomeKit support. - Remote-control. - Safety lock to prevent accidental switch on or off. - 'Smart Active Technology' prevents supply of power when no plug inserted. - LED colours can be customised using a smart phone app. - Proximity sensor can sense your presence and increase brightness to 100%. - 'Night Light' capability.