IDCX Battery Charger

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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The IDC25X DC/DC Charger is a cutting-edge solution with an intelligent charging system that maximizes battery life for demanding applications. Its rugged and versatile design enables efficient operation in extreme hot conditions, making it ideal for 4WD, RV, marine, and commercial use. Effortless installation adds to its user-friendly appeal.

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Image: IDC25X Covered
Image: IDC25X
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Image: idc25x uncovered
Image: idc25x in vehicle
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  • The IDC25X DC/DC Charger's design challenge was to create an easily installable package that meets the demands of the harshest Australian conditions. The challenge required the development of a robust, thermally efficient, and rugged design capable of ensuring the maximum performance and lifespan of the auxiliary battery. The challenge was also to provide the user with comprehensive information on battery performance, charge status, and fault detection. The resulting design should be intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive, while ensuring optimal battery management and safety.

  • The IDC25X is a remarkable design achievement that sets a new standard for reliability and convenience. It was engineered with solderless screw down brass terminal posts, which eliminate the need for crimp and solder connections that can be unreliable. The device also utilises extruded aluminum heatsinks to achieve maximum thermal efficiency and ensure optimal performance. Its hybrid construction achieves IP68 and 69K ratings, providing superior protection against harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, the IDC25X features LINbus connectivity, allowing for firmware updates over the air with the optional Intelli IQ controller/display.

  • The IDC25X is a dependable charging solution for off-road enthusiasts, offering peace of mind with constant power supply to their auxiliary battery under any conditions. Its advanced features include high-efficiency MPPT solar charging and simultaneous charging, prioritizing solar input to reduce the load on the vehicle's alternator and improve fuel efficiency. Its compact size and IP rating make installation easy in tight spaces, freeing up valuable room inside the vehicle. With its innovative design, the IDC25X is an essential tool for those who need reliable power on their adventures, and it offers a more sustainable solution to battery charging.

  • The IDC25X is a versatile charging solution designed for easy installation. Featuring brass posts for the main power connections and blade terminals for sensor and LINbus inputs, it accommodates various battery technologies, including lithium and everyday automotive batteries. It also allows for parallel charging, meaning users can wire multiple IDC25X units in parallel to increase charging current for larger systems. The device is equipped with LED light pipes, which can be viewed in any orientation to optimize installation, and a unique button system in the top protective cover for easy configuration. It also has a lithium mode that wakes up batteries with the push of a button and optimized mounting feet for a reduced overall footprint. The IDC25X has undergone harsh vibration testing, ensuring its durability in even the harshest outback terrains.