IBM API Connect

  • 2019

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Commissioned By:

IBM Cloud

Designed In:

United States of America

IBM API Connect is a tool that lets software developers easily launch, scale, edit, and manage the API ecosystems that organisations use every day. The world’s organisations and businesses rely on APIs to share data and services. This software application improves on the API creation and management workflow for developers.

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  • Developers need a way to make the complex task of API management faster and easier, so they can spend less time managing and troubleshooting their APIs. Managing APIs is a challenge when data and materials are scattered across different sources, and developers have to switch between different tools to complete their task. Our goal was to design a tool that made the API management workflow streamlined and easy to follow, including the process of building, exploring, and testing APIs, and also provided an overall user experience that catered to the API developer's work.

  • API Connect is designed specifically for API developers, with a number of features that streamline their workflow. The tool includes built-in visual templates, visual tools to create and compare API's, a dashboard that displays important metrics and API stats and also automates updates to API customers, and an automatically created website for developers to share documentation, among other features. This tool helps API developers greatly reduce the time and effort they spend building and managing API's, as well as making customer support easier and helping build a developer community.

  • By bringing a focus on the user experience of IBM API Connect and applying user research to the way the application is designed, this product has achieved a greater adoption rate by users and companies, and has allowed developers to achieve better results with their API management goals. IBM API Connect is unique because of the focus that the design team has brought to the product user experience. By designing this product specifically for it's unique user base, we make the overall experience not just better, but more humanized, so that users feel empowered by our product, rather than alienated.

  • IBM API Connect is designed specifically for API developers to simplify and streamline their workflow, offering a number of tools and features that help with this process. The software includes a number of features such as built-in templates, visual tools to create and compare APIs, and a dashboard that displays important metrics and API stats. The software application allows the users to automatically generate code for their APIs by filling out a template and switch between a visual and code editing view. Dealing with API metrics also becomes easier as the software features a dashboard that gathers important API performance metrics into one view, and automatically sends notifications to API customers as they move through the API cycle. IBM API Connect also automatically generates a website for API developers to share their API documentation with other developers, a process that otherwise has to be done manually. All of these features make API management a smooth process.