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Focused on the Public Safety and Enterprise sectors, HyphaMAP (Mobile Access Point) is the latest addition to a range of products, enriching Hyphas capabilities to deliver device platforms that allow Emergency Service teams to operate more safely. HyphaMAP ensures critical communications stay live in and around regular communication blackspots.

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  • The HyphaMAP device needed to be a simple to use, lightweight device that could be easily integrated into a range of mobile operating environments. It’s form factor had to be slim and conducive to panel mounting, with clear access to RF and network inputs/outputs. It was also important that network status indication was clearly relayed to the end user. Thermal heatsinking was also highlighted as a key design consideration for a device destined to run continuously. Another key design challenge for the HyphaMAP was making the design modular for customisable configurations for assembly agility and ultimate commercial success.

  • The device footprint and thickness is optimised to be as lightweight as possible while offering good thermal distribution. Signature device LED's highlight the user-interface points. Within the device there are two different core OEM modules that are interchangeable at the point of assembly. Even so, components and assembly process are kept universal to increase manufacturing and assembly efficiencies. The result is two distinctly different hardware solutions that can be offered with very few unique parts required. This enables a great deal of flexibility to production forecasting as the defined hardware/software solution can be determined subsequent to sourcing manufactured parts.

  • The HyphaMAP product offers a vital contribution to Hypha's Mesh network offering. It offers a reliable and uninterrupted communications channel and unlike it's handheld companion product, HyphaCAP, it does not require batteries to be monitored or replaced. This means that it will become a crucial "back-of-house" device ensuring that the frontline communications are seamless and dependable. The world is becoming increasingly tech-centric and Hypha has created another fitting solution to facilitate crucial communications in real-world tech applications. Furthermore, Hypha has pledged a commitment to manufacturing and assembly of units in Australia, creating jobs and domestic revenue.

  • Key to design was to maintain the Hypha branding which is becoming extremely well know globally. The Hypha logo angles were extended out to radiate the brand, however these ridges also perform the important job of heat dissipation. The mounting option is unique to common vehicle mounts with its simple two click lock/remove design. This is required as the MAP can be quickly swapped from vehicle to aircraft carry on for remote area search and rescue operations. A light strip above connectors allows operators to fit and remove in low light and at night. Upper and lower housing extends to protect connectors at their weakest point.