Hungry Puffs

  • 2019

  • Social Impact

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Foodbank WA

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With demand for food relief at an all-time high, Foodbank needed a new way to provide food relief to over 100,000 Western Australian children. We created a new cereal, called Hungry Puffs – the breakfast over 100,000 West Aussie kids wake up to every day : nothing.

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  • The brief was to raise money and awareness to support Foodbank in delivering emergency food relief and breakfast programs to hungry children across Western Australia after the Government cut funding to the charity by $323,000 per annum just a month before Christmas. The aim was to fill the funding gap created by the funding cut to ensure food relief programs weren't cancelled and to raise awareness of the growing hunger crisis in the country - with more than 1 in 5 children experiencing food insecurity each year in Australia.

  • In the Christmas lead-up, empty Hungry Puffs boxes were stocked in over 40 major supermarket cereal aisles across WA. Grocery shoppers were asked to support a much bigger cause – helping feed children who go without breakfast every day. Shoppers simply had to purchase the product at the check-out. A $5 box of Hungry Puffs provided 10 children with their next meal. We studied other cereal brand packaging and employed a series of popular cereal brand troupes, but with a stark, black and white design, and a few dark twists – like the creation of a ‘sad child’ character and empty bowl.

  • In 4 weeks, the Hungry Puffs campaign resulted in the creation of 625,770 meals for Western Australian children and raised $312,885. 62,577 boxes of Hungry Puffs were sold. Donations to Foodbank also more than doubled during the campaign period. Hungry Puffs produced a 2073% return on investment for Foodbank - on a total campaign budget of $15,000 AUD. The positive attention and online momentum generated by the Hungry Puffs campaign helped to reverse the initial Government's funding cut decision - and Foodbank's full funding was reinstated during the campaign.

  • Confidential- Foodbank is in the process of reaching an agreement with a major supermarket chain which will see Hungry Puffs stocked in a further 190 stores across the state from 2019 on an ongoing basis. Further helping to feed thousands of Western Australian children every day.