HPI 110 Compact High-Definition Loudspeaker

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Chijoff + Co

Commissioned By:

Quest Engineering

Designed In:


The HPI110 is the most powerful, compact, ultra lightweight, loudspeaker of its class. Designed from the ground up the HPI110 removes the need for DSP (an electronic compensation system), reduces power consumption and eliminates the need for addition electronic hardware. The HPI110 delivers faithful vocal reproduction at high energy outputs with advanced rigging configurations enabling uniform coverage. Its ultra-lightweight and compact form allows a single user to install the HPI110 quickly and easily. The HPI110 combines performance, style and at a price that secures its spot as one of the world’s best speaker of its class.

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  • The HPI110's visual presence is as a result of going back to the drawing board. It was designed to deliver an outstanding acoustic performance in a compact form and fit within a number of environments including halls, churches and live venues. A signature of the HPI110 is the use of its angled handle. Designed with the user in mind, the handles wide grip provides ease of movement and additional rigging points to create a number of flying configurations. Most importantly the angled handle creates a unique ultra-stiff frame, reducing speaker resonance dramatically.

  • Most speakers use DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to electronically compensate for inadequacies in the speaker design. The HPI110 was created to ensure the speaker acoustics delivered outstanding performance without the need for DSP. Internally the HPI110 uses high quality componentry combined with a mid-high asymmetrical wave guide to provide controlled dispersion of sound with long throw characteristics. A big accomplishment for such a compact speaker.

  • Being built from the ground up, the HPI110 was able to deliver outstanding performance and sustainable benefits. In an industry where sustainability is not highly ranked the HPI110 sustainable benefits include: 1. Reduced power consumption: the HPI 110 delivers acoustically without the need for DSP (electronic compensation) 2. Reuse of existing equipment: the HPI110 integrates with existing equipment without the need for additional hardware 3. Reduced weight and compact form: reduction in freight demands and reduced installations to single users 4. Reuse of materials: use of brich ply and aluminium.

  • The HPI110 is designed for acoustic environments where normal speakers fail to deliver intelligible voice, due to the prevalence of hard, sound reflective, surfaces. When a listener hears more reflected sound than the primary sound system source, loss of speech intelligibility results. The HPI110 extends the "critical listener distance" utilising a custom HF wave guide directing sound away from walls and ceiling and into the primary listener area. This is achieved through a purpose designed mid-high asymmetrical wave guide system, to distribute acoustic energy to reduce reflections. Optimum installation positioning is aided by a light weight and flexible rigging system.

    In a short period time the HPI110 has secured itself as the leading speaker of its class being distributed to more than 30 countries around the world. It has also helped continue to reinforce the Quest brand as a leader in innovative speaker and audio equipment design. The HPI110 has demonstrated the value of great design with an overwhelming market response delivering a 100% return on investment within the first 12 months.