HOSHI Collection

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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HOSHI is calm, inviting and honest. It uses the classic elements of a lounge design with a pure materiality and a sober, functional design narrative. Providing comfort and a tactile response, Its character lies in the subtle articulations and negative space between each compositional element paired with generous materials and textures.

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  • Drawing inspiration from the minimalism of Japanese design with an attention to detail, the HOSHI lounge comprises a timber frame fabricated in American Ash. In the natural stain it features a limed wash or alternative stain options include Japanese black or walnut. Fabric or leather upholstery may be specified to the seat and backrest.

  • The HOSHI collection has a 5 year commercial warranty. This range was designed to consider the intended market and withstand a life of rigorous use. Joints and manufactured models were all tested for safety and lasting durability. HOSHI was made to be comfortable. Special consideration was taken when developing the ergonomics of the original single armchair. The proportions were extensively tested through full scale models, as was the foam and its various densities, all crucial to the chairs comfort and durability. Once established, these proportions became the functional motif for the HOSHI range while adding something new to the Australian design narrative.

  • A defining feature of the HOSHI collection and SKEEHAN studio philosophy is to develop products that have a considered life cycle. The collection can easily be separated into each material for recycling. Further to this the High quality materials allows for the product to have a long life span and easily be restored, extending the product's life. The manufacturing process was one of the most important sections in the brief. Utilizing Australian manufacturing it was very important to refine the production process and eliminate any unnecessary methods and excess materials. The chairs are designed around standard timber sizes and boards creating a very efficient yield.

  • The HOSHI collection has been a collaboration between my studio and some of the best manufacturers in Australia. The timber frame assembly is manufactured in Sydney by Evostyle, all upholstery and leather strapping made in Canberra by Stellen Studio, with the final chairs assembled at my studio. Streamlining the manufacturing process with respected manufacturers ensures the consistent quality of the range and confidence in the product's durability.

    The price point was a challenge in developing this collection. For an Australian designed and manufactured product, HOSHI had to be competitive on price and exceeded on quality. The range is an original design that relies on high quality manufacturing and material selection to communicate the final original design. Included needed to be a minimum 5 year commercial warranty on all products and a competitive price point based on competitor analysis. After working closely with our manufacturers and after multiple prototypes we managed to find a balance, with the armchair in the range priced under $2000 from Stylecraft.