Holiday Light

  • 2014

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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  • Tiller Design

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Tiller Design

Moores Cloud

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Holiday by MooresCloud is the world’s first connected, intelligent, beautiful and easy-to-use set of accent lights, perfect for everyday use around the home, hung on the verandah, or strung in a Christmas tree. Putting the brains of a smartphone into each string of lights, Holiday by MooresCloud has the capability to display countless patterns and animations, with interactive applications that respond to you. Holiday lights have always been beautiful and enchanting, but never before have they been connected, intelligent, interactive or responsive. Holiday by MooresCloud is a world’s first. It’s the way all lighting will work, someday.

  • Holiday comes with a suite of apps to delight and entertain. With more apps coming, Holiday will grow more capable the longer you own it. Use a smartphone, tablet or web browser - it's so much fun, everyone will want to play with Holiday! - Color Wheel: instantly change the colour to the one under your finger tip - PhotoGrabber: select colours from a photo and paint with light - Rainbow: send the colours of the rainbow dancing down the string - NRL and AFL: choose your favourite team and the lights display your team colours.

  • With an additional iOS app, every song in an iTunes library can be visualized on Holiday in a play of light, colour and animation that mesmerizes and enchants. Here's what it looks like on a Christmas tree:

  • People don't want to reach for their smartphone every time they turn a light on and off, which is why the design of Holiday includes three buttons for controlling five built-in applications of Holiday, always accessible to anyone at any time. We've found that many Holiday owners use these five apps exclusively: - Colourwheel: pick a colour from the spectrum - Rainbow: all colours dancing down the string - NRL and AFL: choose your favourite team and show your team colours - Blinky: a constantly-changing display of pastel-coloured lights.