Hills Slim Retracting Clothesline

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Design + Industry Pty Ltd
  • Banjo Advertising

Commissioned By:

Hills Home and Consumables

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The Hills Slim is the thinnest retracting clothesline in the world and another example of innovation from the makers of the iconic Hills Hoist. With a product depth of only 70mm, a reduction of 155mm from previous designs, it breaks new aesthetic ground. To achieve this streamlined profile the product has been redefined from the ground up. An innovative method of line spooling has been developed to create a system that runs parallel to the installation surface and defines this new design.

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  • This innovative design places the Hills Slim as the most spatially efficient clothesline to date. To achieve this paradigm shift the entire mechanical layout of a retracting clothesline line had to be pivoted by 90 degrees. In reorientating the spooling mechanics, it was critical to maintain the already successful independently sprung spools that compensate for variances in installation. The innovative exploration phase saw multiple design challenges conceptualised, prototyped and tested, culminating in a patented mechanism brought to realisation.

  • A new engineered method of line tensioning and locking provides a drying solution suitable for both large and small spaces. The Hills Slim is truly versatile in its installation capability which can range from between 2.0m to 6.5m. The redesign of the locking system has allowed for improved tensioning performance to be achieved at all installation scenarios. The new locking system utilises a 2-stage tensioning mechanism to achieve this high level of operating range performance.

  • The Hills Slim breaks the mould of the traditional clothesline aesthetic. Leveraging off the resulting form factor created by the new spooling mechanism, a minimalist aesthetic was now achievable and allows for an unobtrusive product installation. Designed to complement contemporary outdoor living decor, Hills Slim holds its own when installed amongst modern and styled surroundings. At first glance the Hills Slim does not appear as a clothesline but as a design feature on the wall. Available in three contemporary colour schemes, stone, silver and black, the Hills Slim complements a contemporary colour palette.

  • The Hills Slim Clothesline is a sustainable product by the nature of its core function, a product to dry your clothes naturally without the need for added electricity. The cost to dry your clothes outdoors is zero when comparing to the expense of using a tumble dryer. Outdoor drying provides fresher, brighter and hygienic drying results using the natural anti-bacterial properties of the sun.

    Hills Slim retracting clothesline provides a new level in Hills packaging experience with a focus on providing an experience for the end consumer. From the moment the carton is opened by the consumer they are aware that they are buying into a piece of the Hills innovation story that commenced in 1945. In addition to creating this experience, detailed packaging solutions were explored to ensure the sleek panels of Slim are protected in transit from production to the home. This involved developing and testing different materials and layout orientations to ensure that product protection was achieved.