Hills Premium Watering Range

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Hills Home Living

Tim Hooper

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Hills Home Living has a long and proud tradition of product design innovation and our new range of Premium Watering products continues this legacy. The Hills Premium Range focuses on delivering solutions that benefit the consumer experience. Our focus on ergonomics, hose connection performance and design style came together in a way not seen before in this product segment.

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  • Careful user studies, prototyping and testing led to a highly consumer centric design. This focus has delivered ergonomically beneficial watering solutions to all users. Being easier to operate provides greater usability to people with grip strength and mobility restrictions. The larger diameter and synergy between the products in the range is key for improved comfort during operation. The design of the hose clamping nuts, with the larger diameter and longer length, provides greater gripping surface for the user and generates greater clamping performance. The marking on the products have been designed to be in-line with the consumers field of vision when in use.

  • The range has been designed with a core focus on ergonomics and usability which has led to a unique and distinctive aesthetic. The focus on larger diameter components and features creates a strong and cohesive set of styling elements that flow across the range. Through a constant diameter you achieve longer handle grip surfaces as the hose connection becomes an extension of the spray device in the user's hand. This considered design approach provides a harmonious final mechanism within the consumer's yard. The application of soft grip detailing is placed in areas requiring comfort and those in contact with environmental surfaces to offer greater protection to the product.

  • The design of the Hills Premium packaging allows the end consumer to look, touch and operates the products whilst on show. Die-cut design detail in the backing card allows for simulated operation to occur, enabling the consumer to experience the ergonomic benefits of the range.

  • The Hills Premium range has several design features not previously seen in the domestic watering category. The Spray Guns have a unique hanging detail that allows for convenient storage when not in use. Rather than having to place the product on the ground or rest on top of something the hooks allows you to hang it on either your Hills Hose Reel handle or on a fence or other rail in your yard. The soft moulding details are placed in areas of high surface contact for product protection when not in use. The inclusion of pivoting ground spikes on the underside of the ROTA sprinkler is yet another example of a design detail that gives consideration to the end user's needs.