Highfive Videoconferencing System

  • 2015

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Dan Harden, Hiro Teranishi and Kyle Buzzard for Whipsaw, Inc.
  • and Kailash Hiremath for Highfive, Inc.

Commissioned By:

Highfive, Inc

Designed In:


Highfive is an all-in-one video conferencing device and cloud service designed for businesses to enable people to work face-to-face. It is an aluminum device that includes a camera, a microphone array, and a computer processor. Its flexible mount allows users to mount it on any conference room TV, wall, tabletop or media console. Highfive brings an unprecedented ease of use to video calls as it combines high-fidelity audio, HD video, and easy screen sharing in a functional and aesthetic design. People initiate video calls (up to 12 participants) and control the meeting using their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Highfive is the first video conferencing system that is priced for companies to deploy in every room.

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  • The Highfive device includes a camera, a microphone array, and a computer processor. The bold geometric form is perfect for pairing with any flat screen TV or other screen. The black cube houses the camera and an integrated foot/mount mechanism that allows users to mount it on any conference room TV, wall, tabletop or media console. The aluminum wings house the circuit board and four microphones. A fine slit is machined into each wing for sound to enter, which zeroes in on active speakers and cancels out background noises.

  • Video conferencing can be a frustrating experience. It's too hard to use and so expensive companies can't afford to put it in rooms beyond the boardroom. Teams waste time every meeting troubleshooting the technology. The hardware is flawed too, as the cameras are often lousy and difficult to mount on a TV, and the audio sounds weak. Highfive is the first all-in-one video conferencing device effectively priced for companies to deploy in every room, and it solves the biggest problem with video conferencing: ease of use. The system automatically recognizes users when they walk into the room and they connect through their laptops, smart phones or tablets. There is no remote control or new user interface to learn.

  • Highfive is very high quality partly because the housing is one big die cast aluminum part with machined details. The camera cube snaps over this aluminum piece, giving it that winged appearance. The TV mount clamp is also a high quality part, featuring a stiff damped hinge.

  • Consumer video tools we use in our personal lives (Facetime, Skype) lack the quality, reliability, and security needed for business use; while the enterprise tools (Cisco, Polycom) are expensive and difficult to use. Highfive fully fulfills the above needs. In addition to offering an affordable solution ($799) for every environment --conference rooms, individuals, in the office and on-the-go. Highfive is easy to install, easy to use, looks phenomenal, and matches any professional environment. The Highfive design has become the Highfive brand. Highfive also offers resources to company leaders through their website to help them initiate productivity tools and practices to enable work communication transformation.

    Highfive is the first substantial innovation to the conference room since the introduction of the Polycom conference phone 25 years ago. In a time where more companies operate on a global scale, teams are spread out, and companies allow individual employees to work remotely, Highfive's mission is for everyone to enjoy improved face-to-face communications as it fosters better connections between co-workers and builds stronger teams. The Highfive device delivers high quality video, audio and screen sharing capabilities, all in one device, with an unprecedented ease of use and at an affordable price so companies can install in every room.