Heirloom Dining Chair

  • 2023

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    Furniture and Lighting

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King Living

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The Heirloom Chair is a chair designed to be truly generational. Defined by its tailored elegance and contemporary low profile, its contoured curves envelop you in lasting comfort. Engineered with a sturdy steel frame, the Heirloom Dining Chair is built to last a lifetime of cherished moments around the table.

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Image: Nick Leary
Image: Nick Leary
Image: Nick Leary
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  • The design challenge for Heirloom was to create a dining chair that strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. KING aimed to design a chair that inspires people to linger at the dinner table, savoring good food and great company for hours on end. To achieve this, the chair had to be both stylish and comfortable, meeting the expectations of discerning customers, while remaining true to the ethos of the KING brand with our made-to-order fabric and leather options and durable internal steel frame.

  • The chair boasts innovative features including KING's Postureflex® Seating System and renowned steel frame construction, ensuring optimal support and lifelong durability. The chair's veneered leg sheaths, made from recycled plastic, can be easily removed and house the internal steel legs. This unique construction offers the warmth of real timber with the sturdy integrity of a tubular steel frame, while also allowing for convenient servicing throughout the chair's lifespan.

  • The chair's innovative design, quality materials, and customisable options make it a standout choice for consumers seeking long-lasting furniture. Streamlined manufacturing without compromising on quality allows KING to offer incredible value at its price point. Removable covers facilitate easy cleaning, replacement, and updates, reducing waste and the steel frame comes with a 25-year guarantee, highlighting KING's commitment to sustainability. The Heirloom Dining Chair is a unique addition to the KING Range, offering customers a high-quality, sustainable, and stylish dining chair that focuses on comfort, durability, and customization.

  • As with all KING products, each part of the chair has been carefully designed for serviceability, replacement, or end-of-life recycling. For example, the foot glides are integrated into the moulded veneered sheaths but can be replaced when worn, without the need to replace the entire leg. This further reduces the environmental impact of the chair. The Heirloom chair features a collapsible design, where two bolts that lock the back assembly can be removed, allowing the chair to pivot into a more compact shape for shipping. This helps reduce carbon miles. Key Features: • Designed for style and ergonomic comfort, with a gently curved back and elongated arms for lasting comfort. • Contemporary open-back design and low-lying silhouette that complements any dining aesthetic. • Engineered with a steel frame for lifelong strength, backed by the KING 25 Year Steel Frame warranty. • Fitted with the KING Postureflex® Seating System to provide ultimate support. • Removable timber veneer leg covers that can be replaced or updated with a new finish. • Back legs pivot into a more compact shape for easy transportation. • Tailored, removable covers available in a choice of exclusive in-house fabrics and leathers. • Customize with your choice of KING timber finishes. • Australian-designed and crafted by KING.