• 2014

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    Housewares and Objects

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  • FINGO Product Development
  • SBi Innovation

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Hegs Pegs Australia

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The HEG – -t’s a peg with a hook The HEG is an evolution in clothes peg design and functionality. Designed with dual-hooks to maximise hanging space, an ergonomic grip for ease of use and a unique lock-out system to hold washing taut on the clothesline. The HEG also keeps your washing secure in windy conditions and reduces the need for ironing. With UV stabiliser as a component, will make it last longer than the traditional peg, while still being made of recyclable polypropylene and stainless steel spring.

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  • The smart, dual-hook design allows you to hang multiple garments at one time, eliminating pegs marks, sun or line marks on your clothing when using the hooks. The hooks were a major design focus based around Saving Space. This is extremely beneficial in today's world where houses and apartments are using smaller clothes lines.

  • The HEG has been designed with a smart lock-out system to reduce creasing and save time ironing. This is achieved by using the hooks when you pull the garment in a sideways direction. The angle created by this action is specifically designed to lock the HEG onto the clothesline from the lateral tension. Your washing dries faster and reduces creasing.

  • Engineered to withstand the years of daily pegging, the injection moulded HEG is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene (homopolymer) and is injected with UV Stabiliser to ensure it lasts longer. Resistant to UV rays, the HEG won't become brittle and break in the harsh heat of the sun. The stainless steel spring will remain strong and never rust. Th moulded, one piece design means the HEG will not snap at the joint like a regular peg.

  • Come rain, wind, hail or shine, the HEG'S unique wind-lock feature ensures your washing remains on the line. Windy days prove challenging for the humble peg and a clever solution had to be created. The answer is in the HEG's moulded construction where the hook curves back on itself and touches the body of the HEG to provide the wind-lock. The dual-hooks have been engineered with a wide base to be both flexible and rigid - strong enough to hold garments securely in place during windy and wet conditions.

    With a clever ergonomic design, the HEG is easy to use. The fully rounded profile features smooth contours, without sharp corners or teeth (like the old school peg) known to snag or catch on delicate items. The large ergonomic grip helps to locate the finger hold and prevent fingers sliding off with a raised edge at the end.