harman/kardon Sabre SB 35

  • 2014

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • harman/kardon

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HARMAN International Industries Incorporated presents a new soundbar system that redefines what a home entertainment system should be. Created with advanced engineering, the harman/kardon Sabre SB 35 exceeds all compact sound system expectations; enhancing the audio performance of any flat screen TV they are connected to through the slimmest multichannel soundbar on the market. The new harman/kardon soundbar comprises of a slim Bluetooth soundbar and wireless subwoofer, designed to seamlessly blend in with existing entertainment environments, whilst developing the listening experience to a new level.

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  • The Sabre SB 35 is a complete surround sound solution soundbar with 8 independent channels of performance-tuned 1.75" drivers and 1" tweeters for absolute clarity and richness. This compliments a Powered, 100W, wireless, subwoofer for deep, profound bass response.

  • The SB 35 utilises HARMAN Wave mode, which allows all of the soundbar's transducers to create both left and right surround-sound fields in addition to using the left and right transducer groups to reproduce the front left and front right stereo signals. Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) uses wave-field synthesis to control direct and indirect sound fields separately, creating an impressive sensation for many listeners seated over a wide listening area, even in large rooms.