HalleyAssist HealthWatch ™ – Remote Patient Monitoring


Patients recover better at home than in hospital.
HalleyAssist® HealthWatch – Remote Patient Monitoring enables remote delivery of expert medical care to enable “Hospital in the Home”. Family and clinicians are able to monitor users in real time to enable early, rapid intervention to urgent and emerging health issues.

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Image: HalleyAssist Pty Ltd
Image: HalleyAssist Pty Ltd
Image: HalleyAssist Pty Ltd
Image: HalleyAssist Pty Ltd
Image: HalleyAssist Pty Ltd
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  • Populations globally, are ageing and increasingly affected by chronic diseases. The elderly, people living with disabilities and patients with health problems, want to live more independently for longer. They are often happier and recover faster living in their own home rather than a hospital or aged care facility, but there are significant risks if their health is not closely monitored. Hospital healthcare and aged care are resource and labour intensive. Costs are rising and sufficient staff difficult to find. Healthcare providers are seeking "Hospital in the home" strategies to extend tertiary care into the community but enabling technology is underdeveloped.

  • The HalleyAssist® HealthWatch - RPM technology enables real time remote health monitoring. Created with human-centred design, HalleyAssist® works for users regardless of their technical or cognitive ability including dementia sufferers. An array of wireless, movement and sleep sensors record movements, sleep quality, and breathing and heart rates. A range of physiological monitors such as Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximeters may also be connected as clinically indicated. Patients are voice prompted to use monitors for improved compliance. Data is transferred to a smart clinical dashboard. Co-designed with stakeholders including expert clinicians, this provides immediate, triaged and actionable data to allow early healthcare interventions.

  • Hospitals are noisy, uncomfortable and pose dangers from infectious diseases. HalleyAssist® HealthWatch - RPM allows "Hospital in the Home" to be integrated into current healthcare systems. Patients are discharged home with high-level healthcare delivered to them in their own home. Artificial Intelligence enabled movement, sleep and falls monitoring is enhanced with sensors. Clinical parameters are monitored and responded to, in real time. Example: COVID patients can remain in quarantine at home with blood oxygen partial monitoring. Clinicians are alerted to changes. Patient care is improved and infectious disease transmission reduced with the ability to rapidly respond to health changes when needed.

  • The existing HalleyAssist® platform has been re-engineered and upgraded with a Mach II version hub. It has improved connectability to a range of clinical sensors. Newly redesigned data dashboard was further developed and co-designed with leading Australian clinicians and care managers. It was extensively tested and further modified using feedback from a recent clinical trial. It provides automated and immediate alerts to significant changes in patient health. This includes events such as falls and lifestyle changes through to personalised clinical alerts such as changes to blood pressure or oxygenation. All this is done without the need for wearable devices. The main benefits of our design approach may be summarised as: • Egalitarian - works for any cognitive ability including Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. • Connected - system designed with multiple radio communication ability. Allows agnostic connection to a range of wireless sensors and devices. • Interoperability - Allows connection to hospital patient data management systems. • Acceptance - unobtrusive and highest levels of encryption for data privacy. • Efficient - Significantly reduces labour requirements and costs reducing pressure on healthcare organisations.