• 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

Tuesday On The Beach

Designed In:

New Zealand

Gustav is the first portable office-toolbox for hot-deskers. Designed for people in flexible work environments, it holds all the work essentials and doubles as a laptop stand. Gustav is light and beautifully-designed with warm materials. The minimalist design invites users to personalise it and to make any space their space.

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  • The way we work is changing. Modern office design is based around the concepts of Activity Based Working (ABW) and hot-desking. But while the flexibility of the modern workplace offers many advantages, this means less people have a fixed desk at work. This does present its own difficulties. Firstly, the very practical challenge of moving essential and personal items from place to place and storing them while not in the office or at a desk. And secondly, the more emotional issue that many workers feel disconnected from their workplace when they don’t have a dedicated space to call their own.

  • Four years of continuous testing and 21 prototypes enabled us to find the ideal approach: Gustav needs to allow people to make any space their space. The laptop-stand enables perfect ergonomics in various locations. Optimum balance of lightness and durability is achieved by using moulded plywood and aluminium panels. And, Gustav’s size is optimised to fit in a standard locker. The real wood, curved corners gives Gustav its friendly feel, while the minimalist design invites personalisation with room for photos and personal belongings. Finally, the subtle yet powerful branding underlines Gustav’s role as your personal, little friend in the office.

  • Gustav’s impact exceeded all expectations. Not only does it support workers in their day-to-day work but helps user’s to transition to agile ways of working. Key to this is to cater to the practical needs equally as to the emotional ones. The result is exceptional: people converted from being resistant to Activity-Based-Working to become strong advocates for it using Gustav. Gustav doesn’t only support people’s practical and aesthetical needs but underlying emotional needs. Gustav solves a problem, not many knew existed. Finally, Gustav is not just a pioneering design, but also establishes an entirely new product category of ‘Office Totes’.

  • **User Impact** * A place for all essential office work tools * Laptop stand - Enables an ergonomically correct posture anywhere * Easy to move around the office - Packs up in seconds * Activity-Based-Workers can personalise any space with Gustav * **Corporate Impact** * Enables full potential of flexible workspaces. Truly work anywhere within the office. * High density storage solution. Opportunity to reduce locker footprint by up to 60% * Gustav can replace a second screen and monitor arm, by using your laptop as a second screen option * Environmental Impact * Product 100% recyclable (plywood, aluminium, PET felt) * Packaging 100% recyclable (cardboard, no plastic wrapping) **Other Features** * Gustav brings (back) warm and authentic materials into the workspace. American oak veneer & felt. High end materials with a personal touch * There is no other product in the market that combines personal storage and a laptop stand * Phone, tablet and notebook stand * Cut-out for phone or tablet charging cable * Business card holder * Fits personal keyboard with num-block (selected models) * Fits into standard lockers * Design optimised to reduce weight. (1.3kg) * B2B Price Australia: AUD 189.00 to 250.00 (depending on quantity and accessories)