GroundProbe Introduces BlastVision

  • 2023

  • Engineering

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  • GroundProbe

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GroundProbe’s BlastVision® utilises data analysis of drone-captured blast footage to provide actionable insights from across mines sites to global on-site safety personnel that can be used to make informed decisions, ultimately driving productivity, improving safety, and helping control the impact of blasting on the surrounding environment.

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Image: BlastVision® in action: Example of change in time visualisation displaying history of detected ground movement
Image: BlastVision® in action: Example of data analysis imagery used to identify key safety issues.
Image: BlastVision® in action: Preparing drone for data capture
Image: BlastVision® in action: Drone capturing raw footage at the mine site of the blast for post processing.
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  • Mine site blasting involves using explosives to reduce a solid body to fragments. It's done by drilling, placing a charge and detonator into a series of holes across the blast area, and clearing the loose material. However, blasting can put staff and nearby communities at risk, as well as cause damage to nearby slopes and infrastructures. BlastVision® provides crucial data to protect people and communities by detecting potential misfires, out-of-sequence firing, along with identifying and tracking flyrock. Blast monitoring also enables identifying, monitoring, and mapping instantaneous blast damage to slopes and movement on significant structures such as heritage sites.

  • Identifying a safety gap in the market, BlastVision® was designed as a service model to improve overall mine safety, help control blasting impact on the surrounding environment and deliver measurable productivity gains. BlastVision® takes custom high-speed drone footage of a mine site blast as it happens and converts it into analytics data for insights and decision-making. Then using advanced proprietary algorithms, our dedicated BlastVision® software platform instantly converts the footage into insightful and actionable report information, sending the data back to the customer almost instantaneously. This technology is world-first and patent-pending.

  • BlastVision®’s technology sets a new standard in global mine site safety. Launched in the market in April 2021, BlastVision® has positively impacted the decision-making of hundreds of drill and blast team members globally. Currently in operation across Australia, Asia and the Americas, it has been tested, trialled or demonstrated across over 50 mine sites. Over 200 blasts have been recorded and analysed, resulting in more than 130 blast analysis reports. From a cultural perspective, BlastVision® can monitor the impact of blasting on sensitive heritage sites, using proactive data models to ensure protected areas are not affected by nearby blasts.

  • Blast Pattern Analytics: BlastVision® provides crucial blast analytical data to aid in detecting potential misfires and out-of-sequence movement, which is essential for safety and for defining an optimal blast pattern and sequence. Through blast analytics, blast designs can be optimised to improve productivity. Flyrock Tracking and Predictive Modelling: BlastVision® monitors and tracks flyrock from a blast, assisting in preventing incidents. This is essential for safe operations where people, machinery, or infrastructure are nearby. BlastVision® data can be used for post-blast incident investigations and aid in estimating flyrock velocity for modelling shorter stand-off distances, improving productivity. Enhanced Wall Control: BlastVision® monitors and maps instantaneous blast damage to slopes, including rock falls and sub-bench failures. It is the only solution to cover the entire blast area and monitors impacts throughout the blast, adding valuable insights to wall control monitoring data for ongoing safety. Proactive Protection for Heritage Sites: BlastVision® can monitor the potential impact of blasting on heritage sites to ensure blasts will not damage them. Rapid Reporting: Reports are delivered swiftly, ensuring an early understanding of insights for further decision-making. Rapid reports are returned to the site within one hour, while detailed reports are delivered within 24 hours.