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Gro-To makes kids skin care fun! The brainchild of Zoë Foster Blake, it’s useful, safe products that parents can trust, and kids LOVE using. Gro-To’s packaging is heavy on bright colours and cheeky faces to fit in with a child’s world of play, giving them a sense of ownership.

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  • Zoë was aware of how non-fun the baby and kid bath and body market was. Her kid’s bedroom and wardrobe was full of bright colour, and rad toys, and cool imagery… but their bath and skin products were always white, and dull, or covered in small baby ducks or bunnies. Gro-To should be exciting, fun and playful! Something kids could clearly identify as theirs. (Not a boring obligation from Grown-Up Land.)

  • Gro-To is made for kids. (Their bath, their body, their bedroom.) With playful packaging that they can have fun with! The Gro-To Gang (Sud Bud, Super Softy, Skin Wizard and Bad Dream Buster) aren’t just products. (BORING!) They’re astonishingly cute characters, that also happen to be filled with deeply nourishing, insanely nice-smelling skin care. Cheeky faces (the handiwork of Aussie illustrator Beci Orpin), bright primary colours and big bold type make them something little humans want to grab, and use, and according to four-year-old Liv (who REALLY loves her Sud Bud), “I want to marry it.”

  • Having a bath. Applying moisturiser. Getting enough sleep. Kids don’t care about impossibly dull things like that. Unless… they’re so excited about their skin care products, they MUST APPLY IMMEDIATELY. It’s how we encourage (or trick!) grubby, whiffy kids to start looking after their bodies and thinking about what they put on their skin. We also want to rally kids to use their imagination and play! Gro-To bottles are far too adorable to end up in the bin. So we thoughtfully designed packaging and cartons that can be creatively repurposed, and eventually recycled.

  • Gro-To’s very adorable, very distinct packaging was designed under the direction of Creative Lead Hilary Thackway who took Zoë’s brief and collaborated with Aussie illustrator Beci Orpin, to get them just right (with the perfect amount of teeth, eyebrows and freckles). But they’re not just cute faces on bright bottles. Gro-To products are designed to make the whole process of applying skin care to slippery, wriggly kids as easy as possible. No tricky lids – just simple flip-top caps and pumps, so parents can squeeze it out and snap it shut with one hand. From the products to the cartons they come in, every bit of Gro-To packaging is designed to be reused and recycled. Empty bottles can be crafted into pencil holders, planters or even colourful jellyfish! Cartons can be cut up and turned inside out to make blocks and faces. The perfect size for teeny hands to grab at, with delightful soft-touch texture, Gro-To is made for kids to play with! And become friends with! And have fun with! (And if they also end up squeaky clean, silky smooth and smelling delightful, so be it.)