GRIPSTER™ Wrap for iPad Case

  • 2014

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Native Union

Commissioned By:

Native Union

Designed In:

Hong Kong

Multi-functional grip, stand, protective wrap and handle created for the iPad and iPad mini. An integrated protective wrap system firmly secures to your iPad whether it’s rolled up or down. GRIPSTER™ Wrap is the ultimate iPad tool.

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  • With eight lockable positions the integrated handle allows you to grip your iPad safely, securely and comfortably. The durable strap makes GRIPSTER™ Wrap perfect for all hand sizes.

  • When on the go - the integrated handle allows you to carry your iPad both comfortably and securely; helping prevent accidental damage.

  • Stand at any angle for optimal versatility and discover your perfect angle for typing, reading, viewing, gaming and calling on your iPad.

  • Offering 360° rotation with 8 lockable positions makes GRIPSTER™ Wrap the ultimate iPad tool .

    The integrated wrap system securely attaches to your iPad whether rolled up or down. Hidden magnets ensure your iPad goes into 'sleep' mode when rolled down as well as offering protection for your screen.