Goshawk- Emergency Rescue Tool

  • 2015

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Peter Fegan

Commissioned By:

Peter Fegan

Designed In:

100% Proudly Australian

The Goshawk Emergency Rescue Tool (ERT) is a new generation Tactical tomahawk which employs radical ergonomic design to enhance performance potential and greatly improve user comfort and decrease occupational injury. Its sole design purpose is to aid in the safe extraction and exit from emergency situations for Emergency Service Personnel. It is a specialised personal breaching tool designed to break locks, pierce tyres, cut through walls, cut through metal and glass,pierce reinforced Kelvar materials, defeat timber structures,smash masonry and brick or any task that requires uncompromising destructive performances. Having a portable tool such as the Goshawk could be the difference between life and death.

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  • The Goshawk Emergency Rescue Tool (ERT) Tactical Tomahawk main function is to save lives. It is a personal entry/ breaching tool designed specifically for First Responders such as Fire Brigade, Emergency Service, Police, Customs and Military personnel to aid in the entry, extraction and exit from hazardous rescue situations. It is a much more portable, light weight and compact design compared to conventional rescue axes allowing for personal attachment to a multitude of equipment carry systems for easy access and lightning fast extraction and retention with a purpose designed bottom-eject speed scabbard. Its portability and size ensure all Emergency Rescue can have personal access to this type of tool.

  • The Goshawk ERT/ Tactical Tomahawk is a design collaboration between the Australian designer and RMJ Tactical of Chattanooga, USA; the industry leader in bladed hand tools and extreme use tactical equipment. It is constructed of 4140 chrome molly steel and is differentially heat treated at blades and rear spike only, allowing for a softer handle zone vibration dampening. It features radical ergonomics with a weight forward design to increase strike performance and is intended to be light, fast, portable, comfortable, compact, indestructible and dependable and never fail the user when needed most. A thermo formed Kydex speed scabbard protects the blade and allows for multiple attachment systems and locations.