Golden Circle 2L Cordial Bottle

  • 2017

  • Communication

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Kraft Heinz Australia

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Golden Circle is an ergonomically designed bottle form. With its sculptural design contradictory to the category it sets a mature presence in a high-energy category. The handle has become the key feature of the overall form, offering ergonomic comfort for the user … from the first pour to the final drop.

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  • Being a concentrated product, it is important that a confident and controlled pour is achieved. The first noticeable difference from old to new was the lowering of the handle recess. This, in turn, lowered the centre point of gravity, which improved the balance and comfort in hand. The lowered position also meant that when in the pouring position, predominantly horizontal, the bulk of the liquid sits directly under the handle improving control and balance in hands, especially kids, which allowed a more accurate, measured pour.

  • Both adults and children will interact with this bottle, so from an ergonomic perspective, it was important to consider handling and pour control with small and large hands of varying strength. During the user testing of the old bottle, we observed many "white knuckle" moments. This is a clear indicator of ill-suited width in the hand and can lead to “over-grip” when lifting to pour. This causes extra stress on the knuckles and grip area. By widening the width of the handle we provided a flatter panel to sit comfortably against the palm of the hand on the lift and pour. This also mimics the wider handles found on older Kettle designs that were aimed towards comfort rather than style

  • The previous bottle was designed by a toolmaker to suit the blowing process rather than the consumer. It was quite narrow, sharp at the split line and also incorporated deep indents. These findings serve no functional purpose other than providing pinch points to the user's hands under load. With the wider handle, the fingers are moved further apart and the smooth flatness of the handle spreads the load when pouring.

  • Often when pouring for the first time air entrapment can occur where the handle opening meets the neck finish of a bottle. When pouring, the entrapped air forces its way out rapidly, causing an overshoot, spillage and pour measured dosing. Using the experience we gained from designing the Golden Circle Juice bottles centralised handled, we again introduced a wide lead-in from the handle to the base of the neck finish to address the glugging. This feature also supported the pouring ergonomics as it provides ample real estate for the user's thumb to be placed when pouring with larger hands improving both balance and control.

    The refreshed design of the Golden Circle Cordial bottle presented a visual shift on the shelf against the softer form of the market leading Cottee's brand. Its broader shoulders and flatter branding panel maximises its shelf blocking ability and the size, location and angular shape of the handle interrupts the softness of the original bottle and category norm with a dose of sophistication and refinement.