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  • 2023

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Glow Sleep Easy, is a versatile 5-in-1 sleep aid system for children from infancy to early childhood. Merging LED light therapy, pink noise, a humidifier, aromatherapy + smart app, it delivers personalised sleep solutions backed by science. With its gentle design, Glow Sleep Easy ensures better sleep + a healthier bedtime routine.

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  • Glow Sleep Easy is a solution designed to address sleep issues faced by infants, young children, and their parents. The goal was to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective product that provides personalised sleep support. The challenge was to develop a high-quality device that integrates all five scientifically proven sleep support technologies, adheres to safety standards, enhances the brand and experience, and can be manufactured efficiently to meet the growing global demand. A focus on design for mass manufacture would enable the business to scale up, and expand beyond its current direct to consumer approach and into retailer markets.

  • A 5-in-1 sleep aid combining light therapy, pink noise, a humidifier, aromatherapy + personalised sleep programs to create a holistic solution for sleep challenges. The development involved calibrating multiple disciplines to ensure a successful outcome: industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics design + DFM. The journey involved miniaturising components, achieving optimal light diffusion + overcoming roadblocks in generating pink noise with a novel circuit based solution. Through collaboration with sound + sleep experts, the team created an aesthetically pleasing, intuitive + safe solution promoting healthy sleep patterns. The device's smart functionality + compliance with safety standards set it apart in the market + enable expansion into retail markets.

  • The Glow Sleep Easy Device has a significant impact on sleep quality for users, improving their well-being and daily life. Commercially, its compliance with safety standards and premium design appeal enable market expansion into high-end retail channels. Environmentally, the device's smart functionality allows for user-driven sleep adjustments and personalised experiences. Societally, it helps address sleep challenges in infants and young children, including night terrors, and separation anxiety, it works to foster healthy sleep habits and contributes to a better, safer, and more prosperous future for families who use the product.

  • Smart functionality: The integration of smart technology enables personalised sleep program adjustments, improving sleep quality over time. Connects via: Bluetooth. Partner Smartphone application allows remote device control and proprietary A.I. analysed personalisation suggestions. Design language: The device's calming, soft curves and intuitive interface create a visually appealing + user-friendly experience, suitable for both parents and children. Light diffusion: The device's meticulously designed light diffusion ensures an even, soothing glow without distracting hotspots, further enhancing the sleep environment and works to position Glow Dreaming as a premium brand offering high-quality science backed solutions to improving sleep. Pink noise generation: The innovative use of a circuit instead of an SD card to generate pink noise offers a more cost-effective + reliable solution, while maintaining the calming effect of pink noise. Personalisation: The inclusion of interchangeable designer sleeves allows users to customise the device's appearance, making it a versatile + attractive addition to any room. Safety: A physical + digital locking feature prevents curious children from accidentally altering settings, ensuring a consistent sleep environment. Compliance: Adherence to safety standards + regulations ensures a secure + reliable product for users. Sustainability: Thoughtful design considerations, such as replacing mechanical fasteners with snaps + clips, reduce assembly time + costs while addressing end-of-life concerns.