G:Link Gold Coast Flexity2 Tram

  • 2014

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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  • Bombardier

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Inspired by the stunning natural environment the Gold Coast, Flexity2 tram was designed and developed to showcase the city of Gold Coast to locals and visitors alike. As a new system the Brisbane based design team were aware of the need to design an Iconic vehicle whilst highlighting safety, comfort and usability for passengers and staff that may not be familiar with the platform. By collaborating with other Bombardier divisions the Design Team were able to deliver a high quality vehicle specifically designed for this unique environment.

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  • The Gold Coast Flexity2 tram is designed specifically for the new GoldLinq public transport network for the city of Gold Coast. With an absence of manmade icons on the Gold Coast the Design team turned to the natural environment for inspiration. The quintessential image of a wave breaking onto one of the world famous beaches became the inspiration for the unique front end of the vehicle. A custom LED lighting solution was also developed to compliment the striking aesthetics of the vehicle.

  • As a platform vehicle the Flexity2 tram has a number of interior options which can be customised for the local environment. Hand and grab rail positions, seating, interior trim and finishes have all been customised to suit the unique environment of the Gold Coast and its people. As well as standard equipment other interior fittings such as surf board racks, a world first and blue tinted glass are incorporated into the interior fit-out specifically to suit the needs of locals and tourists visiting this stunning part of the world.

  • Inclusion of Human Factors into the design process has streamlined and enhanced end-user acceptance as well as the comfort of both passengers and staff alike. The design team paid special attention to passenger comfort and safety. Everything from the larger seating to the design and position of hand and grab rails has been considered to create a comfortable safe environment for the traveling public.

  • Having the design team based less than an hour away from where the vehicle will be located allowed the team to incorporate specific design elements suited to the local people and environment. The flexibility of the Flexity2 platform vehicle allowed these customized design elements to be easily incorporated into the design of the vehicle without increasing cost or manufacturing complexity.

    Bombardier's internal Industrial Design Team has been able to transform over the last 10 years a very heavy Engineering lead industry into an industry that respects and understands the importance and role of design. Industrial Design has not only created a great product for the end user, but it has also pushed the local and international supply base out of their standard comfort zones and into areas of innovation. The vehicle design created by Bombardier is world class, with international interest in the design for other tram networks. Bombardier's Australian Industrial Design talent and expertise is now being exported internationally.