• 2015

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Franck Demoiseau

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Franck Demoiseau

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Givematcher has created a world-first way for any donor to donate to a charity and have their donation matched by companies. We have created a more effective process for individuals and companies to donate, and for charities to fundraise.

Until now, individuals and companies had been donating in a largely disjointed and isolated fashion. By linking donors with companies (matchers) to match their donation, Givematcher maximises the social impact from each of their donations, incentivising more charitable giving from both donor groups, and creating new value for donors, companies and charities (WIN-WIN-WIN). Companies receive strong PR/marketing/loyalty benefits. Donors love that their donations are doubled.

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  • We thoroughly documented the problem / opportunity in a business plan. We used this to produce formal design specifications. All of the sophisticated elements have been nicely integrated into one simple website, including donor donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, company budget management, company matching, company reporting, charity campaign / event management, and charity reporting. We then adopted an agile software development methodology to build a sophisticated yet user-friendly website that we could show charities and donors to obtain feedback. This feedback was then integrated into the website and shown again iteratively.

  • We have used state-of-the-art minimalistic user designs using responsive Ruby-on-rails technology (the same technology as Twitter) that work with devices of any size (including mobile devices) and integrate with social media. For each of the donors, companies and charities, we have hidden the complexity, to the point that we have comments that our solution is very easy / simple to use (we often have to remind people that there is a lot of sophistication "behind the scenes"). Charities / companies / donors sign-up and create web pages themselves. Everything is self-service and automated. Companies, donors and charities are aligned and connected by our matching algorithms and by our communications module.

  • The experience - for donors, companies or charities - has been designed to be extremely simple and pleasant. Everyone loves matching, it's fun! We have hidden the considerable complexity that constitute the configuration module, the matching algorithms, the budgeting module, the reporting module, etc. Of course, the extensive sophistication of the integrated elements (listed above) is what brings the synergies and the benefits for the donors, companies and charities. For charities the fact that donors and companies receive new benefits (leveraging, good PR, etc), means that both groups are incentivised to donate more, and it makes sense for charities to direct donors and companies to support them this way.

  • Donors get a heartfelt leveraging benefit for their donations, driving them to donate more (similarly to how tax incentives drive more donations). Studies have confirmed this effect. In 2005, individual donations in Australia amounted to $7.7 Billion. If we apply a conservative growth factor of 10% (due to the matching), this would create an additional $500 Million of yearly donations. Companies receive PR/marketing/loyalty benefits, which may well also contribute a growth factor of 10%, adding a further $330 Million of yearly donations in Australia. We have assembled our IT skills, financial skills and social care & innovation for this project, which can continue indefinitely and keep gathering momentum.

    Until now, individuals and companies have been donating in a largely disjointed and isolated fashion. By not linking these different groups of donors together, considerable inherent value has been lost (quantified above at $800 Million +). Givematcher links every group together in a fully automated scalable way. Our agile software methodology will continue to allow us to adapt our offering along the way based on opportunities. e.g. we are already entering into new partnerships with social enterprises to be their "clearing house" for donor and company charitable donations. This can easily be expanded to schools, clubs, etc and to other geographies, to drive much higher donations in the same way .

    From our extensive research this is a world-first. There is no other platform acting as a donation-matching marketplace between many donors and many companies. What exists is workplace giving, which allows companies to match their staff's donations. Companies nominate their matching preferences, and donors are matched in real-time with the companies supporting the same charity. The new way of thinking is that it no longer makes sense for donors and companies to donate in isolation. Companies want to be visible (e.g. to GenY) as donating to get social/PR/marketing benefits, and donors want all their donations to be doubled! We use real sophistication (e.g. matching), hidden by the simplest of interfaces

    By linking these different groups of donors, considerable value is gained. Applying a 10% growth factor for donors and companies, this could lead to a growth in donations of more than $800 Million to charities that help our community. We are highly automated and costs are very low. By taking a very small commission on donations, this is easily sustainable. Anyone using the system - donors, company staff, charities and Givematcher staff - know that they are helping raise a lot more funds for charity, which is a fantastic feeling! This will solve many of today's problems and will lead charities to fundraise in a much more cost-effective way, drastically reducing their high cost of fundraising.