Genesis GV60

  • 2022

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Commissioned By:

Genesis Motor

Designed In:

Korea, Republic of

GV60 is the first dedicated EV from Genesis, in the form of a striking compact SUV. The futuristic GV60 is designed to redefine mobility through its advanced long-range, rapid recharge battery-electric technology. The zero-emission GV60 aims to advance the UX as well as play a part in driving EV acceptance.

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Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
Image: Genesis GV60
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  • The design brief for the Genesis called for a futuristic and aspirational compact SUV cleverly packaged around an advanced battery-electric powertrain to create an exceptionally spacious and versatile package. GV60 had to advance the EV state of the art, by delivering an extended range, quicker recharging capability, and a progressive yet intuitive driving experience. The exterior design had to appeal to the target market while signaling leading-edge EV tech within, and providing aerodynamic performance that complements the powertrain’s efficiency. GV60 also had to advance the user experience through advanced driver assistance and safety, convenience and comfort technologies.

  • The Genesis GV60 hits the brief as a futuristic, coupe-like SUV designed for premium luxury EV buyers, smartly packaged around an EV-specific architecture. GV60 creates a spacious and inviting interior through considered design, such as the compact dashboard, flat floor, floating console and slim seatbacks. Zero-emission GV60 brings the capability for ultra-rapid charging to 80 percent in 18min, with a maximum range of more than 450km. GV60 is intuitive to drive and delivers all the smooth, quiet and responsive EV benefits, while advancing the UX with an array of technology, including a comprehensive Genesis Active Safety Control suite.

  • The zero-emission GV60 provides an aspirational halo model in the range, and its ultra-rapid charging capability and maximum range of more than 450km also illustrate the Genesis brand’s EV technology leadership, as a cornerstone in its strategy to create a sustainable mobility future. The GV60 provides advanced EV technology and extensive safety, comfort and convenience features in a futuristic, spacious, versatile and attainable luxury vehicle that makes a compelling case alongside the luxury EV alternatives. GV60 will also contribute strongly to driving the uptake and development of EVs and the associated infrastructure, by raising the profile of this advanced technology.

  • The Genesis GV60 is offered in highly equipped ‘AWD’ and ‘Performance AWD’ variants. With power from a 77.4kW battery and front and rear motors, GV60 produces a combined 360kW and 700Nm (Performance AWD model). GV60 advances the EV state of the art and the user experience through the following innovations: • World-first Crystal Sphere technology, which makes it easy to recognise ‘EV-Ready’ state • An efficient rear-wheel-based e-AWD drive system with integrated motor/reducer/inverter • 400V and 800V multi-charging technology for fast and ultra-quick charging (80% in 18min) • A waste heat system, which uses heat from electronic components to warm the cabin • A vehicle-to-load (V2L) function, which makes GV60 a portable source of mains electricity • Active Sound Design, which brings the auditory feedback of a conventional vehicle • Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) drive mode control, which switches between 2WD and AWD automatically to maximise efficiency • Active noise control, which uses an anti-phase control technology to cancel out driving noise • Digital Side Mirrors, which replace the side mirrors with cameras • Fingerprint recognition • The novel use of eco-friendly leather & fabric to manufacture interior components