GARDENA SuperFlex Hose

  • 2015

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The GARDENA Premium SuperFlex hose makes possible what many gardeners have long desired; a reliable connection with perfect holding force. The unique raised power grip profile ensures the perfect connection between hose and connector.

Constructed using high density, high quality spiral mesh textile the unique double spiral structure makes the hose particularly pressure resistant and ensures it keeps its shape; it does not tie itself in knots or twist and is kink resistant.

The GARDENA Premium SuperFlex hose is also free of phthalates and heavy metals, has a burst pressure 3500kpa and is backed by a 30 year warranty.

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  • The Premium SuperFlex hose is particularly pressure resistant, maintains its shape and is UV stabilized for a long service life. The base layer, consisting of a black inner hose sets the foundation and also prevents algae build up. The second layer consists of two spiral threads (a carbon impregnated thread and a polyester thread) working in opposite directions to ensure the hose maintains its shape whilst being flexible. The external layer of the hose consists of a transparent SkinOptic top coat to repel dirt. The hose is then finished with a special foil application to provide high quality branding and finally the raised power grip profile is added utilizing enhanced manufacturing techniques.

  • The unique raised power grip profile interlocks with the teeth on the connector to form a secure reliable connection. The Premium SuperFlex hose offers an increased extraction force, from the connector, of up to 70% greater than previous Gardena hoses. The perfect connection prevents leakage and water loss. The Premium SuperFlex hose has a burst pressure 3500kpa and is backed by a 30 year warranty.

  • The Premium SuperFlex hose provides users with exceptional handling through its flexibility and dimensional stability. The second polyester spiral thread layer, working in the opposite direction to the first carbon impregnated spiral thread layer, maximizes flexibility. Together these layers ensure maximum kink resistance. The SuperFlex hose features a SkinOptic transparent top coat that not only repels dirt but coupled with the power grip profile helps to improve the 'glide' of the hose; making it easier to maneuver in the garden and to roll up. The raised power grip profile acts as a skid, minimizing the friction along the ground and also functions as a guide to help create nice layers on a storage reel.

  • Phthalates are chemical plasticizes that have been widely used since the 1950's to soften plastics that would otherwise be brittle and crack when bent. Phthalates are not chemically bound to the plastics they are added to and are therefore continuously released into the air, food and liquid they come into contact with. Overtime, as phthalates leach out, plastic products harden and lose their flexibility. Gardena Flex hoses are the only phthalate free garden hoses available in Australia; an organic plasticizer is utilized in its place.

    The unique appearance and colour scheme of the premium SuperFlex hose is protected by a transparent SkinOptic top coat that repels dirt and helps to improve the maneuverability of the hose throughout the garden; providing users with a premium experience. The SuperFlex hose distinctly represent the GARDENA brand.