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  • 2022

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    Branding and Identity

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Future Super

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The influence of fossil fuel money is everywhere; sports, politics, and pension funds – the 4th largest pool of assets in the world. Future Super needed to reframe super as a mechanism for climate action. The new identity embodies a bold voice for change, building a future worth retiring into.

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  • Future Super needed an identity to demonstrate its bold commitment to climate action, the stringency of its investment philosophy, make the power of money visible, and help people see switching their super as a climate action as ubiquitous as using a KeepCup. Our goal was to build a verbal and visual identity system that demonstrates their clear point of view on the world and reinforces that position to existing members, attracts like-minded new members to join Future Super, and lifts the high water mark for impact investing.

  • We began with a new logo. Built for motion and interaction, the mark is responsive; it adapts and flexes to reveal content, push away unnecessary noise, and put a spotlight on the Super industry. Scalable for any format, the logo can shift its size and shape to best suit each communication, even moving into 3D space when required. The logo anchors the system and facilitates a type-based framework that heroes communication over visual fodder – a stark contrast to every other superannuation company in Australia. With this in mind, the design system is built for flexibility and responsiveness.

  • Future Super operates in an industry known for being opaque and saying as little as possible to its customers. "Greenwashing" marketing has become a trend in the sector, despite exposure to oil, coal, and gas. Most funds rely on colourful stock imagery to appear ethical and confuse consumers, but Future Super has nothing to hide. The brand favours black and white, a stripped-back aesthetic and focusing people on what matters most, the facts. Words are our most valuable tool, and Future Super's visual identity elevates its role throughout their communications.

  • While we know intuitively that Cash Rules Everything Around Me, what many Australians don't know is that the superannuation industry in Australia is the 4th largest pool of capital in the world – more powerful than Tesla and Microsoft, combined. Future Super exists to allow people to use the power of their money to build a prosperous future free from climate change. Future Super's identity embodies the vocal, active power of the climate movement with the precision of an investment manager. We accomplish this through a bold voice for change, a language-led system that celebrates the people powering the movement, a restrained colour palette, and a combination of language and motion principles that reveal the powerful and unstoppable movement of money shaping the world, today. Future Super sponsor 'farewell' billboards from their members to their old funds, launch tangible badges to celebrate assets they're helping to build, and create tools for members to see the way money is shaping the world around them - and use their power to build the movement of money into the future.