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  • 2023

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Frasers Property Australia

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Frasers Property Australia (FPA) develops residential land, housing, and apartments and has delivered over 140,000 homes during their legacy. FPA engaged with Switch to rebuild their corporate website and provide a customer-centric, personalised and community-focused experience that brings to life what it means to belong to the Frasers Property community.

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  • Frasers Property Australia’s business had evolved over time and they recognised the need for a new approach to their digital presence - to not only meet the evolving customer expectations but to accommodate their new business strategies. Frasers Property required a holistic design & functionality approach for their new website to bring their projects to the forefront, provide confidence to users and to create a simple, functional and editorial-style brand experience to truly reflect who they are. The aim was to build a cohesive digital experience across all business units showcasing their brand story, new business direction & create a sense of community.

  • Qualitative research with FPA, customers, and stakeholders identified key digital evolution goals. Convey the brand story & capabilities - modernise the site, establish brand trust & showcase bespoke projects. Build smart, tailored experiences - cater to a broad customer base by utilising key insights to deliver value-added functionality. Create a sense of community - foster long-lasting relationships with the diverse range of customer segments Key technology & component-led design delivered scalability & content flexibility. Functionalities such as site-wide & advanced search streamlined navigation, while a mega menu facilitated easy identification of content. Intelligent design templates enabled rapid content delivery, culminating in an intelligent, personalised, & optimised experience for all.

  • Frasers Property Australia’s new website reflects their new brand profile showcasing the variety of projects and properties on offer, providing a cohesive digital experience aligning the Frasers Property brand with a seamless customer experience. Customers are now met with a beautifully designed, intuitive and user-friendly UX that seamlessly guides customers through the website. The customer-centric approach and superior search functionality places their property profiles at the forefront, making it easy for customers to explore and discover properties that meet their specific needs. The overall digital experience showcases Frasers Property Australia’s commitment to excellence driven by customer satisfaction.

  • Key features include: Categorised Property Listing To highlight each property in the most visually appealing way whilst providing easy-to-use and intuitive filters to enable superior search functionality. Status Tracker and Timeline To provide a highly visual and intuitive tool for users to track their property status and highlight their individual roadmap to achieving sustainability goals. Sitewide Search Functionality A search widget to allow users to perform a sitewide search to easily search, filter and find the right property and information they are looking for. Digital Magazine and Brochure To highlight the latest articles and news in Frasers Property Australia’s Live Proud magazine focused on residential first-home buyers. Integration with Social Media APIs To showcase a direct feed of Frasers Property Australia’s social media platforms to highlight valuable content to users and to increase user interaction with the brand. Bespoke Photography Gallery Intelligent design and display of the breadth of properties showcasing various interior and exterior features to provide users with a sense of what it is to be a part of the Frasers Property community.