Frank Green SmartCup™

  • 2015

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    Housewares and Objects

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  • Frank Green
  • Ideation Design

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Frank Green

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The Frank Green SmartCup™ is a reusable, durable, stylish coffee cup with unique features. Clever one handed, push button operation opens and closes the SmartCup’s™ spill resistant lid.

The drinking hole is designed for optimum liquid flow. Safe and secure screw down lid. Double walled thermo plastic outer layer keeps your coffee hotter for longer. It’s designed to accommodate regular (230ml) and large (340ml) coffee sizes. Made from high quality materials that are stain and odour resistant, which is also non-slip grip so it feels great in your hand. Comfortably fit in standard cup holders. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. BPA free and non-toxic. Comes in an unlimited array of contemporary colours.

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  • The Frank Green SmartCup™ is designed to appeal to the design conscious customer who cares for the environment. Clean simple shape, good proportions and a integrated push button activation are the hall mark of the Frank Green Philosophy. The transparent base window is functional and a nice surprise.

  • The Frank Green SmartCup™ is simple to use. Fill, seal with the screw on cap and a push button to open/close the drinking spout. With the push button depressed it is two parts, lid and cap for regular washing. The seal mechanism can be released for detailed cleaning. Push button mechanism provides a spill resistant seal up to around 85 degrees with a safety release vent. The cap can be removed if drinking from the cup is required. The threads are placed well below the lip contact area for comfort. TPE ovemould outer provides insulation and grip.

  • Safety is an important aspect of the SmartCup™ design. Whilst the cup is intended for coffee at 65 degrees and tea at up to 85 degrees a release vent has been integrated into the cap to release pressure due to excessive heat. The vent should remain closed under normal use temperatures. TPE overmoulded outer sleeve on the cup assists to insulate the hand from the hot beverage and provide added grip. The screw on cap is secure and designed to pass drop tests averting major spills. Specifically food grade materials with no BPA have been used through out the SmartCup™.

  • As a durable product quality materials and processes have been used for the SmartCup™ Food grade co-polyester for the cup, medical grade silicone for critical seals, food grade PP for the cap and TPE for the soft touch outer. Surface finish and texture, branding etc have been carefully considered. Quality material suppliers moulded and assembled and packed right here in Australia.

    The SmartCup™ is competitively priced in the re-useable coffee cup market compared with competitors, yet offers significant aesthetic, performance and functional differences. SmartCup™ was released in December 2014 and already sales and international commercial opportunities have been strong.

    The SmartCup™ push button cap has been specifically designed to position the mechanism out of contact with the beverage protected by a silicone seal. Ultra clear food grade co-polyester cup material has been matched to the TPE insulated over mould to create a durable soft touch, stain and odour resistant cup.

    Frank Green is serious about sustainability. We're on a mission to change the way people think about reusable products. We are achieving this by creating innovative, stylish and functional products that 'do the right thing' by the planet. Reducing our footprint and being sustainable is at the core of the Frank Green culture and community. It's the right thing to do - and it mutually benefits our business, the community, and planet Earth. One company produces, picks and distributes the products, thus eliminating the need for a finished goods warehouse of fulfilment centre which ads unnecessary kilometres in the supply chain which ultimately has a devastating impact on the environment.