Forsa Collection

  • 2014

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Anna Carin Design

Commissioned By:

Designer Rugs

Designed In:

Australia and Sweden

ANNA CARIN for DESIGNER RUGS is a series of rugs inspired by interior designer Anna-Carin McNamara’s childhood in a village in the south of Sweden. Each rug represents a different element that she remembers growing up on her parents farm; from eggs to fences, fish, wild strawberries and a storm that ravaged the surrounding forestry. Blending earthy tones and patterns with delicate use of colour, the rugs are hand knotted in Nepal with hand dyed wool and silk. A sophisticated and elegant collection, designed to bring texture, warmth and colour to a room without overpowering artwork or furnishing.

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  • The production of these rugs supports local traditional handicraft in Nepal. Hand-knotting is the most intricate, labor-intensive rug weaving process in use today. One weaver only works on each rug for consistency, hence a unique individual rug is created each time.

  • Traditional nomadic Persian rug designs were often inspired by a myth or a poem and the rug would reinforce and illustrate the story. As a modern nomad each of Anna Carin's designs tells a story from her childhood.