Ford Transit Custom

  • 2015

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    Automotive and Transport

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  • Ford of Europe

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Ford of Europe

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Ford of Europe

Designed to be the most stylish and safe Transit ever, the new Ford Transit Custom has a bold new look and is packed with some of Ford’s latest safety and driver assistance technologies, as well as a whole host of best in class features; including fuel economy and load-carrying ability. While this latest incarnation provides a more car-like interior and driving experience, it has lost none of Transit’s legendary toughness.

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  • The new Ford Transit Custom takes the Transit family in a new design direction with a stylish and contemporary appearance that extends its appeal to a new generation of one-tonne van customers. With its advanced, streamlined design, the new vehicle embodies the same dynamic character as Ford's kinetic design passenger cars, but without compromising its exceptional ability that is the hallmark of the Transit's commercial load-carrying brief. The Transit Custom features a dramatic new exterior which, for the first time on a Ford commercial vehicle, shares design cues with Ford's latest family of 'kinetic' design cars. The design also shows high levels of craftsmanship and practicality.

  • As a light commercial vehicle, comfort, functionality and practicality are key customer requirements and Ford has delivered on the new Transit. Not only does the Transit have heated seats for those cold winter mornings, it comes with a driver's stowage bin above the instruments, under-seat storage area, dedicated mobile phone holder, fold down middle seat back to provide a flat surface for using a laptop or notebook, multiple cup-holders and deeps storage bins. The cockpit has a driver-focused design, with improved ergonomics which have been developed following the same Human Machine Interface approach as Ford's passenger cars. Major controls like the gear lever, climate and audio systems are within easy reach.

  • To enhance occupant protection, the Transit Custom has an optimised body structure using ultra-high-strength boron steel. More than 40 per cent of the body is made from high-strength or ultra-high-strength steels, resulting in a strong body that offers excellent crash protection. The Transit is equipped with standard curtain airbags for the front seat occupants, in addition to driver and passenger airbags and side thorax airbags. The Transit Custom was also the first new one-tonne commercial vehicle developed with the Euro NCAP Protocol for pedestrian protection in mind. The bonnet, bonnet cowl and bumper are specially designed to minimise pedestrian injuries. As well Emergency Assistance is standard.

  • The Transit Custom has been subjected to Ford's ultra-stringent Commercial Vehicle testing and durability standards. During the development process, the Transit Custom was driven the equivalent of five million kilometres, including around 400,000 km with Transit customers, who gave their feedback on drive-ability, practicality and capability. Critically, these customers also got to try out the load-through hatch in the bulkhead and the integrated fold-down roof racks. Key components were also tested to the limit. For example, front doors went through an intensive regime of 250,000 non-stop slam cycles, which is three times more punishing than Ford's equivalent passenger car test.

    The Ford Transit Custom features the latest stability and braking technology, providing the driver with added reassurance. Key to that is an enhanced state-of-the-art Electronic Stability Program (ESP) system as standard, which includes a range of features such as Torque Vectoring Control, Trailer Sway Control and Load Adaptive Control. These technologies significantly improve the vehicle's handling, stability and traction. TVC improves behaviour in corners by braking selected wheels to transfer torque to the driving wheel with most traction; TSC will intervene to mitigate “snaking”, or trailer sway, while towing a trailer; and LAC adjusts the stability control system to take into account different loads.

    A good example of innovation on the Ford Transit is found in the execution of side mirrors. Stylish and more aerodynamic, the mirrors integrate the turn signal repeater within the mounting arm, rather than in the mirror, so that if the outside of the mirror gets broken in an impact, the indicator parts do not need to be replaced. Also, due to its positioning the repeater remains fully visible. Further thought has gone into the front and rear bumpers so that all expensive parts that might be damaged in inner city driving are positioned “out of reach” for maximum protection and breakage avoidance.