Fonzarelli X1

  • 2019

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Michelle Nazzari
  • Jules Boerez

Commissioned By:

Michelle Nazzari

Designed In:


Fonzarelli crosses the line from eco-friendly urban scooter to agile performance model with the introduction of the X1. Fully engineered from the ground up with integrated performance components it delivers instant torque creating not only an agile urban traffic commuter but a solid highway warrior.

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  • The challenge was to create a well designed, high performance and efficient form of transport without compromising on technology, performance or environmental values. It had to be a useful form factor which hit all the targets of a city bike and performed above and beyond its ICE counterpart.

  • To meld technology with performance and its environmentalist roots the X1 underwent a full re-engineering from the frame up. Utilising a mono-shock, mono swing arm design it is able to handle higher performance and deliver greater handling as well as reducing weight to achieve an impressive power to weight ratio. Exceeding performance expectations whilst retaining an elegantly designed aesthetic. Premium parts such as performance braking systems and sports suspension add to the luxe factor to create an easy riding experience and cutting emissions at the same time!

  • This design has enabled a whole range of customer’s who would’ve otherwise chosen petrol to become advocate’s for electric transport. The X1’s good looks, unique mono-swing arm engineering and overall performance create the perfect city and surrounds bike. It was made to make people’s lives easier and to open a discussion on the possibilities and amazing amount of design freedom of the electric scooter revolution.

  • The X1 is the highest performing city electric scooter performing internationally. Australians desire and need a high performance ride. For Fonzarelli, building for a global stage in the local Australian landscape has created a unique advantage in the push for innovative solutions to achieve the highest performance possible.