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Fluicer is an easy squeeze citrus juicer that folds completely flat for space-saving storage. Fluicer is multi-hinged and utilises the larger muscle groups of the arms, requiring less effort to juice. It catches pips, funnels and directs juice flow into a cup, and stores completely flat in a drawer.

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  • Manual juicers are clunky and cumbersome to store. They also require the user to have significant strength and dexterity in their hands and fingers, ruling out their use for many elderly and younger users and making them difficult to use for many users in between. In addition, they rarely extract all the juice from the fruit, leaving much wasted flesh behind. The designers set out to create a manual juicer that was easy to use for people of all ages and abilities, stored flat in a drawer, and extracted every last drop of juice from the fruit.

  • In Fluicer, the designers have created a revolutionary 4 hinged folding fruit chamber that squeezes and folds fruit, rather than squashing it like a traditional manual juicer. This unique folding action squeezes fruit from the outside in and from the inside out for maximum juice extraction. This unique folding design juices with far less effort than a traditional citrus press and creates Fluicer's flat, easy-to-store form. Fluicer also employs the larger muscle groups of the arms to juice, instead of hands and forearms making it easy to operate for users with limited strength or dexterity.

  • Fluicer is so easy to use preschool-aged children are able to use it to extract every last drop of juice from fruit, as well as users with severe arthritis or limited strength and dexterity. The result of this design is that more people will be able to enjoy freshly squeezed fruits in their every day lives, without the need for expensive and bulky electric juicers. It will also result in less food waste and save the consumer money, as all of the juice is being extracted from each piece of fruit.

  • The larger muscle groups of the arms are employed along a horizontal plane in order to juice with Fluicer, instead of hands and forearms employed on a vertical plane as with a traditional juicer. Fluicer's long handles open out to allow up to 180 degrees of motion using both arms throughout juicing, improving leverage and force well beyond that of a traditional citrus press or squeezer. Nubbins inside the chamber hold the fruit in place as the user squeezes and a fin on the bottom side of the chamber exploits the fruit's natural weak points ensuring that the domed fruit splits at the bottom as it is squeezed, avoiding upward spray. The tapered chamber design controls the flow of juice toward the integrated seed catcher straining juice and funnelling juice flow into a cup or bowl. Made from a single type of plastic resin, Fluicer is easily disassembled using basic tools for recycling at the end of its life. Available in 3 sizes for different sized fruits, the smallest Fluicer will juice lime sized fruits, while the largest will squeeze anything up to a large orange in size. All 3 sizes store equally flat, and all are only 30mm thick.