• 2019

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Fliteboard Design Team
  • Katapult Design
  • Tekt Industries

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David Trewern Fliteboard

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Fliteboard is an electric powered hydrofoil that gives the sensation of flying over water. Carving effortlessly, Fliteboard gives you the freedom to ride anywhere, without wind or waves. Emission-free, wake-free and virtually silent, ushering in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft.

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  • The brief was to design a lightweight, electric powered surf craft that sets the global benchmark for quality, aesthetics and usability in this exciting new watersports category. The product is a complex combination of custom designed hardware, electronics and software that must seamlessly work together to meet the demands of the harsh marine environment. It must be waterproof, robust and safe, yet most importantly, remain simple and fun to use. Almost every component and sub-assembly was developed from scratch specifically for Fliteboard, with a obsessive focus on a compelling UX, product future proofing, value for money and high performance.

  • Every detail of Fliteboard has been deeply considered. The eye-catching board is designed specifically for eFoiling with it’s shape, materials and internal volume all optimised. A focus on UX lead to a ‘plug and play’ eFoil assembly and a simple to use ergonomic hand controller that provides sophisticated real time telemetry to the rider. Our super efficient, high performance drivetrain and failsafe Flitecell power pack, combined with the refined wings, propeller and the innovative unibody fuselage allows Fliteboard to safely reach speeds of up to 45 km/h with ride times of over 90 minutes.

  • From the outset, Fliteboard’s aim was to create the world’s best eFoil. This singular focus has taken the company from a start-up with a vision to global leader in electric powered hydrofoil surfboards in less than 2 years, with recent independent reviews rating Fliteboard the world’s number 1 eFoil. Boards have now been pre-sold to customers in 25 countries with the first production orders already shipped. The product enjoys a six month waiting list, securing the brand’s long term future and allowing us to continue creating a shift to more environmentally friendly powered watercraft.

  • The world's first unibody electric hydrofoil fuselage uses streamlined hydrodynamics to deliver greater efficiency and Effortless Propulsion. A diameter of 60mm makes it the smallest eFoil motor and produces thrust up to 45 kph. The only efoil that incorporates a gear box. This enables more torque, more power with less output from the battery. The motor is positioned to the centre of forces on the wing. Stability is increased and we reduce the pitching moment of the system making it easier to use. Patent pending Flitebox system is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium and complete with finned heatsink for optimised cooling. It avoids the need for complex water cooling tubes found on other systems. Also inside is a powerful onboard computer that coordinates data from multiple sources for an optimised rider experience. Its durable high quality housing is fully waterproof (IP67). Our custom designed waterproof handheld remote provides intuitive control. Virtual Gears provide the smoothest power delivery. High contrast display shows a range of sophisticated ride telemetry by collecting data from GPS, accelerometer, other sensors and the state-of-the-art battery management system. Showing speed, efficiency, remaining battery power, remaining riding time and distance traveled. This controller has magnetic charging, without plugs.