Flip Reel by Squiddies

  • 2014

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Tiller Design

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Flip Reel by Squiddies is a modern take on the old art of hand line fishing. A hand line gets you up close and personal with the fish you’re trying to catch. Flip Reel makes it safe and easy for you and the kids to enjoy the thrill of catching fish without the hassle of expensive or complicated kit. Bold colours for bold adventurers. The reel packs down to half its size, perfect to stow in your car or boat and small enough to throw in a back pack for a hike.

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  • Flip Reel gives you the most direct contact with the fish you're trying to catch so you feel the experience. The bell is shaped so you can tuck the flip reel under your arm comfortably, freeing both hands to deal with the trace and the fish. Built from tough materials, the Flip Reel can withstand as much sun and surf as your prepared to enjoy. If Flip Reel gets away from you, don't worry, it floats.

  • Ergonomically designed grip gives you comfort and control for the times you have the big one on the line. Comfortably reel 'em in.

  • Clever storage for hooks, line and sinkers. Deep wells mean no hooks catch fingers when the Flip Reel is put away.

  • The patented folding bell protects all the line and hooks making it safe and half its size when you pack it up. You can store it in your bag, car or anywhere without worrying about hooks, or mess. Flip the bell open and you're ready to go in seconds. During any fishing adventure, when the bell is flipped over the line does not run off in windy conditions. The Flip Reel handle allows it to be hooked over tree branches or poles. Once the line is cast, set the drag by flipping the bell.

    A line cutter is built into the grip, so you have a great tool at your fingertips. Don't reach for extra tools, no need for three hands.